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sex therapy

terapia sexual, n.


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    terapia sexual femenino
    • The reader who is interested in departing from the practice of traditional sex therapy will find each chapter full of resources and innovative approaches that are systemically grounded.
    • There is considerable evidence that this is a promising and useful procedure either by itself or with dilators, and sex therapy, but to date no comparison studies have been published.
    • Through the use of bibliotherapy the relative contribution of the nonspecific factor of therapist attention in sex therapy has been investigated.
    • It has been technically possible to deliver sex therapy via the Internet for a quite a while but there has been little progress in implementing high quality systems.
    • Broader, qualitative assessment might be more appropriate in delineating the efficacy of sex therapy.
    • In fact, some prescribe sexual education classes as a form of sex therapy.
    • In Western sex therapy, stimulus control refers to efforts to establish a pleasant and relaxing environment that is conducive to healthy sexual functioning, thereby minimizing interfering circumstances.
    • People with sexual dysfunction are reluctant to seek help from experts of sex therapy.
    • This transformation has been applied in sex therapy, with cognitive-behavioral approaches replacing or becoming adjuncts to the behavioral exercises pioneered by Masters and Johnson.
    • This section investigates the applicability of the Western sex therapy to Chinese couples and discusses whether modifications are needed for sex therapy to be effective among Chinese couples.
    • Today, it is hard to envision how startling the unveiling of the Masters and Johnson model for sex therapy was in 1970.
    • The role of psychological, psychosocial, and psychosexual correlates of the orgasm experience would be useful in determining the course of sex therapy for those presenting with orgasmic difficulties.
    • Exercises, many of which were modified elements of standard sex therapy, have probably played a larger role since participants reported substantial frequencies of exercise performance.
    • If you answer yes to at least three of the questions below, you may benefit from sex therapy to treat Hypoactive Sexual Desire.
    • It would be great if I could because it can be very hard doing sex therapy with single people - especially with single people having difficulty finding a partner.
    • Actually, given the current merchandising climate around these blogland parts, maybe I'll start offering sex therapy by email.