Traducción de sexual intercourse en Español:

sexual intercourse

relaciones sexuales, n.


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    relaciones sexuales femenino
    • Fetishism allows the fetishist to derive sexual pleasure where normative sexual intercourse does not.
    • She described the abusive activity as full sexual intercourse as well as digital penetration.
    • In short, by 1885, quite separately from rape, it was already unlawful to procure sexual intercourse by deception.
    • She was guilty of committing adultery by having sexual intercourse.
    • It felt as though she was sexually aroused, and they had sexual intercourse.
    • When the person to whom he spoke asked for clarification as to what he meant, he said that he had been having sexual intercourse with the complainant.
    • Later on, however, she only confessed to having had sexual intercourse, without mentioning rape or force.
    • The applicant says that their sexual intercourse was consensual.
    • He also decried any sex education that talked about homosexuality or even sexual intercourse.
    • There is growing evidence of tolerance of sexual activity other than heterosexual sexual intercourse.
    • Adultery is voluntary or consensual sexual intercourse between a married person and a person of the opposite sex, not being the other's spouse.
    • It is alleged by the female complainant that the accused kissed, touched, groped and had sexual intercourse without her consent.
    • There had been no sexual intercourse between them, just some honest talk, understanding and affection.
    • He blinded himself after learning that he had unknowingly killed his father and had sexual intercourse with his mother.
    • When Paul and his companions encounter some French women, they exchange food for sexual intercourse.
    • They said nothing whilst they had sexual intercourse.
    • He got on top of her and they had sexual intercourse.
    • That is what the entire case turns on, is it not, whether or not the act is the act of sexual intercourse or the act of sexual intercourse without consent?
    • Should consent to sexual intercourse be treated as an irrevocable waiver?