Traducción de sexual orientation en Español:

sexual orientation

inclinación sexual, n.


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    inclinación sexual femenino
    orientación sexual femenino
    to discriminate on the grounds of sexual orientation discriminar sobre la base de la inclinación / orientación sexual
    • But there are many beautiful women in Hollywood, and few generate the same kind of overwhelming interest across genders and sexual orientations that she does; clearly something else is going on here.
    • Might students also be targeted on the basis of race, gender, or sexual orientation?
    • In addition to race, gender, sexual orientation, disability and whatnot, we need to add genetic heritage.
    • It's very seldom I have a negative attitude toward me based on sexual orientation.
    • Its nondiscrimination policy includes sexual orientation and gender identity.
    • Show Me Love is an emotional roller-coaster ride for viewers of both genders and all sexual orientations, because the feelings it uncovers are universal in nature.
    • The most important point is that sexual orientation, like gender or race, becomes a new branch of equal opportunities.
    • Prior to Wilson's death, the question of band members' sexual orientation had never come up.
    • He'll figure out in his own time what his gender identity / sexual orientation are.
    • What this means is that all students can choose their room-mates regardless of their assigned legal or chosen genders and sexes, sexual orientations, expressions or identifications.
    • It sounds like this dude is down for the rights of other races, genders, abilities and sexual orientations.
    • Social constructions of gender and sexual orientation are marked by two extremes separated by a vast gulf.
    • We cannot speak for everyone, but we listen to music that we enjoy regardless of race, gender, or sexual orientation.
    • Everyone is encouraged to participate with no reference to sexual orientation or gender.
    • Discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation, gender or race are wrong.
    • Let me ask again, in looking at an artwork, is the gender or sexual orientation of the artist important?
    • Through Student Pride USA I've met student activists of all colors, nationalities, ages, gender identities, and sexual orientations.
    • Others are experiencing conflict and anxiety about their gender or sexual orientation.
    • These include gender, race, sexual orientation, disability and religion.
    • Feeling free on the dance floor was a big step toward accepting my sexual orientation.