Traducción de sexuality en Español:


sexualidad, n.

Pronunciación /sɛkʃʊˈaləti//ˌsɛkʃuˈælədi/


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    sexualidad femenino
    • I really thought we'd be able to use the Power of Fashion to unravel the Gordian Knot of human sexuality in this column.
    • I'm all for the frank and graphic examination of human sexuality in film.
    • Be imaginative and experiment with all the sensuality and sexuality that the human body has to offer.
    • As a result, he hit on the idea of doing a far-reaching survey of human sexuality in order to correct for this deficiency.
    • He's so instructive to us on what human sexuality is all about.
    • In succeeding years, this problematisation of sexuality, including heterosexuality, has come to characterise lesbian history.
    • All are related in various ways to the vast domain of human sexuality.
    • Now we have a fellow who clearly expects slavish cooperation, even when he goes off the rails of recognizable human sexuality.
    • We should no longer look to nature for answers about human sexuality; in fact, it should have no say on the matter at all.
    • It is very hard to know what sexuality would look like freed from the dominance of heterosexuality.
    • That is why I've always been troubled by the conception of love and its connection to human relationships and sexuality.
    • Neither humans nor their sexuality can be treated as commodities.
    • I love it when I'm pleasantly surprised by the vagaries of human sexuality… glad to be of service.
    • In both cases the young girl is discouraged from being independent and exploring, let alone realizing, her capacities including her awakening sexuality.
    • Barker's plays are known for their fearless exploration of power, sexuality and human motivation.
    • She was especially upset over literature that deals with queer sexuality.
    • Homosexuality and heterosexuality are both aspects of human sexuality.
    • This album is filled with sexual innuendo and in-your-face lesbian sexuality.
    • The way I see it, human sexuality is like drinking tea.
    • The book leads to a new openness about gay sexuality in literature.