Traducción de sexy en Español:


sexy, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈsɛksi//ˈsɛksi/

adjetivosexiest, sexier

  • 1

    (sexually attractive)
    • In fact, we should be thinking about what is cool, desirable, sexy and fashionable.
    • Manners are sexy because they demonstrate that you are interested in the welfare of others.
    • I could never do a thing with my hair to look good or sexy or trendy or even cute.
    • She was sexy enough to appeal to teenage males but not so sexy that the younger crowd couldn't relate.
    • The sexy star, who has forged a successful solo career outside the band, said their last album was probably their last.
    • It's not that I don't find the new generation of female actresses attractive and sexy.
    • The magazine plays a lot of lip service to homosexuality and bisexuality, but so long as they are sexy, skinny, trendy urban hipsters.
    • I still find him sexy and am attracted to him, but I can't tell what he is thinking.
    • Never underestimate how sexy it is to appeal to someone else's laziness.
    • The claim is the latest bizarre revelation from the sexy star who launched her Hollywood career aged 11.
    • She was trying to be fashionable, or sexy, exposing her toes in black sandals.
    • He liked her when she was angry; she was attractive and sexy as hell.
    • These t - shirts, with their wry references to power tools, are at once sexy, attractive and cool.
    • Having never been to prison before, I find it intriguing and kind of sexy.
    • The strength he emanated and his confidence were sexy but she knew she would never find him physically appealing.
    • It was perfect: it was comfortable, it was fashionable, it was sexy but now too showy.
    • I feel sexy and am always interested in projecting that sexiness of a woman in her forties - or older - on to the screen.
    • Overall I enjoyed this the most, from the sexy decor to the interesting flavors to the welcoming staff.
    • Other touches of particular interest include the sexy cut of her pants, often with bordered side slits.
    • Alec had reached a point in his career when he wasn't going to get any sexy parts.
  • 2

    (book/film/talk) erótico
  • 3argot

    (exciting, interesting)
    • Milgram was a whiz at devising sexy experiments, but barely interested in any theoretical basis for them.
    • The interesting thing is that sexy wines tend to come from certain grape varieties and wine growing areas.