Traducción de shade en Español:


sombra, n.

Pronunciación /ʃeɪd//ʃeɪd/


  • 1

    • 1.1(dark place)

      sombra femenino
      we sat in the shade nos sentamos a la sombra
      • is there any shade? ¿hay sombra?
      • 25°C in the shade 25°C a la sombra
      • to give shade dar sombra
      • to put sth/sb in the shade hacerle sombra a algo/algn

    • 1.2(in painting, drawing)

      sombra femenino

  • 2lampshade

    • 2.1

      pantalla femenino

    • 2.2US (over window)

      persiana femenino
      estor masculino España
      • To its left was a grand window, shades drawn closed for obvious purposes.
      • Exterior shades are generally more effective than interior shades because they block sunlight before it enters windows.
      • She shook her head as she approached the window and drew the shades.
      • If a warm room is flanked by large windows, consider putting shades on the windows or awnings on the outside of the windows.
      • He watched her with concern for a time, sighing inside as he saw the walls slide down around her, her eyes guarded, as if she had drawn the shades on the windows of her soul.
      • Are the windows that are not covered with draperies, shades, or blinds offering insulative value?
      • Without shades to cover the windows, it shone through almost as if it was a spotlight.
      • It would be worth your time to go into a window treatment or decorating store where blinds and shades are sold.
      • Install drapes, shades, blinds or another window covering.
      • Interior window shades and blinds do absolutely nothing to prevent unwanted heat from penetrating your windows.
      • And pull shades or close blinds on windows facing the direct sun during daylight hours.
      • The window shades were drawn, and the room's only ambience came from a few candles scattered around the room.
      • Back then, he sold custom picture framing, table pads, venetian blinds, window shades and did glass installations.
      • The safety of blinds and shades has been addressed by a number of companies.
      • By then, you may read the news on thin, flexible screens that unroll like window shades.
      • The crimson light from the sunrise made it's way through the open shades of my window and flooded my room, completely imbuing my walls with a color beauteous enough to take the breath away of anyone.
      • The most important basic consideration for shades and blinds is proper measuring of the window.
      • Keep window blinds and shades closed during hot weather to conserve energy, and open on sunny days during cold months to allow in solar heat.
      • Greg walked over to the window and opened the shades.
      • Install white window shades, drapes, or blinds to reflect heat away from the house.

    • 2.3eyeshade

      visera femenino

  • 3

    • 3.1(of color)

      tono masculino
      a lighter/darker shade of green un tono más claro/más oscuro de verde
      • in pastel shades en tonos pastel
      • It was an unique shade of dark blue, so intense that it appeared black.
      • It had small glitters all over it and faded from darker and lighter shades of pink.
      • In coastal climates, coleus thrive in shade or sun, but pinks and other vivid shades become more intense in brighter light.
      • Start with a color you like and select other items in lighter and darker shades.
      • There are dark shades and lighter hues folding into each other.
      • He looked like a fish on water, not to mention ten shades paler.
      • Well, the blankets are a medium blue, shot with lighter and darker shades that create a plaid tartan.
      • Furthermore, both dark and light shades of gray are great colors to choose from.
      • The work is painted in two shades of light blue - darker above and paler below.
      • The remnants of day were displayed across the sky in spectacular shades of gold and rust, crimson and violet.
      • It was a light sky blue, a shade so light that it was nearly white.
      • I slowly looked over at Donovan and smiled, the smile lighting up my face and the moonlight turning my eyes a darker shade of blue.
      • Her hair cascaded and spilled over her pale shoulders, its colour more of a deep golden brown than the auburn shade he had seen from the stage.
      • The clouds consisted of many shades of light and dark grey.
      • Variegated leaves may include a combination of lighter and darker shades of color in the leaf.
      • From the darkest shade of blue, to its lightest, it turned green, sometimes, even violet, and, very rarely, into honey, black or even grey.
      • He never really thought that a woman could look so amazing in plain cotton pants and a grape purple cotton shirt, but the deep color brought out the sparkling shades of her eyes and the lightness of her hair.
      • The contrasting shades of his eyes reflected the multiple colors of oranges and reds briefly as he turned away from the festivities.
      • Her eyes were a light shade of blue, dominating her pale face.
      • It was blue, and her eyes were a lighter shade of the same blue.

    • 3.2(degree of difference, nuance)

      varying shades of meaning diferentes matices de significado
      • every shade of opinion toda clase de opiniones
      • there is not a shade of difference between … no hay la menor diferencia / ni sombra de diferencia entre …
      • There is a voluminous literature on the White Paper, which contains all shades of opinion.
      • A major problem was the lack of shades and nuances.
      • The result was an unwieldy and complex organization of all social classes and all shades of unionist opinion.
      • McNarry is to meet various shades of party opinion, take soundings and report to Trimble when he returns.
      • Burbling keyboards and tasteful strings add some different colours and shades to her sonic palette.
      • They come in a variety of shades, lengths and styles.
      • Perhaps this is inevitable in the development of a new concept involving shades of professional opinion and set against the background of scarce resources.
      • Or the subtle shades of difference that demarcate the use of nine white pigments.
      • Of course, there may be various shades and degrees to which litigation may appear fabricated.
      • The drama of Chess, for them, must consist of the alternation of very delicate shades of positional advantage.
      • The subtle shade of meaning can no doubt be explained by the degree of faithfulness of the pictures in question with regard to the originals.
      • Though all his films are in Bengali or Hindi, their subtly observed study of multitudinous shades of the human condition ranks them as universal in their appeal and acclaim.
      • But, if I make an effort, I sense in my duration a variety of shades.
      • It is a pervasive mode of thought and is likely to show up in all sorts of places and be associated with most shades of opinion.
      • Thus, this festival brings together the richness of the Indian kitchen with its spices and subtle shades of taste and texture.
      • The large number of diacritics makes it possible to mark minute shades of sound as required for a narrow phonetic transcription.
      • This pronouncement united all shades of clerical opinion.
      • The significance of such a model is in its ability to account for subtle shades of difference between musicians and audiences.
      • Reality comes to us in all different types of shades and degrees.
      • Just as you can count on different shades and degrees of ‘hispanicity’ so can you expect gradations in humor.

    • 3.3informal (slight amount)

      poquitín masculino coloquial
      pizca femenino coloquial
      a shade (too) long/short un poquitín / una pizca largo/corto coloquial
      • he's a shade too confident se tiene un poquitín demasiada confianza
      • He then removed the large shades and the trench coat - revealing a tight, sleeveless shirt, and baggy pants.
      • Another effective way to prevent your whole body from heating up is to wear a hat and shades when exposed to the sun for long periods of time.
      • A huge tip off is if it's night time and he's wearing shades.
      • He knows the world, yet manages to keep a shade of innocence within.
      • But it certainly has shades of the tragedy of 1971.
      • The shortest piece on The Boys clocks in at a mere three minutes and fifteen seconds (although three tracks do stretch to a shade over ten minutes).
      • The minister wore a dashing cream-coloured suit and shades.
      • He was wearing shades and a cap, which prevented either of us from knowing his identity.
      • Then she saw a man dressed in black, a black suit, black shoes, and black shades.
      • Emily looks at me with a shade of disappointment in her face and turns around pretending to be cleaning.
      • He had sported large, sturdy-looking reading glasses because, as a pilot who wore aviator shades, he was used to them.
      • Wearing shades will help prevent particles getting into your eyes.
      • I can turn from a shade of my former self to the book you hold in your hand.
      • He wore shades, a leather jacket, khaki dockers, with tan loafers.
      • I think she suspects that I'm looking at her, but she can't be sure; I'm wearing shades.
      • I dress stylishly, wear shades, have a cross hanging around my neck and am quite intellectual.
      • ‘Going nowhere fast’ they are, like Vladimir and Estregon in Waiting For Godot, with shades of the crossfire between Lucky Eric and Judd in Bouncers and Alas Smith & Jones too.
      • In all we got six or seven outfits, three pairs of shades, the wine colored hat, four neck scarves and this really cool jet-black purse.
      • Me, I'm wearing a total Leather Tuscadero outfit and '70s shades.
      • Even the soulless Laise had had a shade of humanity to her.
      • In some scenes, Depp's white, polyester leisure suits and humongous gold-rimmed shades are so hilarious that it is hard to take him seriously.
      • Afterall, there was a shade of reassurance in the predictable, however dire that certain predictable may be.
      • When I met Laure in a hotel bar, she wore a forest green sweater, shades and percolated with the sensual energy familiar from all her past movies.
      • It also helped that the part is a good one with shades of the role made famous by Alec Guinness.
      • Nonetheless, fans of the former can be forgiven a shade of disappointment at the shift in focus.
      • Clown was sitting in the chair, again wearing his shades and a hat that seemed to look like a bucket on his head.
      • But the hair styling students at the college who are also taking part in the extravaganza have been given a 1950's theme and their work is truly evocative, with shades of the heyday of Hollywood glamour.
      • So ends the last of the two longer pieces, each a shade under 20 minutes in length.
      • He's wearing shades, a white no-sleeved shirt, brown pants, and a leather jacket.
      • The boy poses for the camera, fingers in pockets of tight white pants, no shirt, leather jacket, tilted cap, shades, cool.
      • Jones, for his part, looked the part, dressed in a black leather jacket and black shades, and he opted for a business-like approach to his craft.
      • For the first time, a shade of uncertainty entered her voice.
      • There was a shade of meanness in her speech, and she spoke it so emphatically that for a moment he was not sure if she was telling the truth.
      • I wanted to know, in disbelief, and with more than just a shade of annoyance.
      • The person who was wearing the shades and the trench coat was fighting against a platinum blonde girl.

  • 4literario

    fantasma masculino
    • The bull swam with her out to sea, some say across the Pillars of Hercules to the shore of Southern Spain, others to Crete, where later she gave birth to Minos and Rhadamanthus, ruler of Elysium where the Shades go after death.
    • In Bayadere, the physical effort rather than the evocation of a fantastical image dominated, so that the entrance of the Shades felt more militaristic than shadowy.
    • As opera matured over the next 150 years, the dramatic duties that at first had been assigned to mere Shades and Furies were taken over by full-fledged gods and goddesses.
    • Think of ‘after the poem’ as a consequence of reading, a further poem made necessary and delightful ‘because of it,’ alive by means which mean to continue and never to return Eurydice to the hateful Shades.
    • I can feel the shades of my forebears crowding before me, waving their spectral hands at me and admonishing me to go no further.
  • 5shades plural

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    • 1.1(protect from sun, light)

      (eyes/face) proteger del sol
      (face/eyes) proteger de la luz
      a large tree shaded the garden un gran árbol daba sombra al jardín
      • her seat was shaded from the sun su asiento estaba resguardado del sol
      • By shading the block walls, the polyurethane mesh helps to regulate the building's internal temperature and in stormy weather gives added protection to the construction beneath.
      • A giant live oak tree shaded the west side of the house, a long-abandoned tire swing hanging dejectedly from a sturdy branch.
      • The main focus is a line of shacks shaded by crumpled metal roofs.
      • He laid out the Botanic gardens in Khartoum, as he did at Luxor, in Upper Egypt; and he imported the Neem trees from India to shade the streets.
      • Provide a sufficient overhang and the same spaces will be shaded in the summer, which will lower your cooling bill.
      • There was a weeping willow shading two lonely gravestones, alienated from all the others.
      • The courtyard was shaded on all sides by trees and tall walls.
      • The plant is very effective at shading out weeds so doesn't require herbicides.
      • At last they came to a blue lake, and by the side of it, shaded by trees of the deepest green, stood a palace of dazzling white marble, built in the olden times.
      • Water plants deeply once a week as weather heats up, and surround them with liberal amounts of mulch to shade the soil and add organic matter.
      • To my left was the big pine shading that store, and just to my right was another huge evergreen tree, a Ficus retusa, the Indian Laurel Fig.
      • We were standing under a white cloth tent used to shade the paintings that were laid out on the tables and to keep the wind and leaves off them.
      • Finally, most fish seek shaded, darkened areas during hot, sunny days.
      • Corn also helps by getting taller then the soybeans and shading out the weeds.
      • Riparian forest buffers also stabilize streambanks and provide shaded areas for aquatic habitat.
      • The viewing screen can be shaded to an extent from the sun or other directional light sources, by means of baffles, but the basic problem remains.
      • It was dim, the high trees shading the light from above.
      • She passed the handheld to Dolores, who examined the screen, shading it from the sun's glare.
      • I have four large oleanders planted on the north side of my house; they are partially shaded by a large tree.
      • Landscaping is a natural and beautiful way to shade your home and block the sun.

    • 1.2(screen)

      (light) tamizar
      you should shade the bulb a little deberías tapar un poco la bombilla
      • Clouds covered the sun, a respectful veil shading the sun's merry rays.
      • But all the greenery shaded the light, casting shadows and filling the forest with deep darkness.
      • The sun was shaded by a few clouds, but ever now and then it would peek out from beneath them, bringing a warm beam down to the group.
      • The orange canopy shaded some of the harsh glare from the sun, allowing her to pull her hood away from her face so she could inspect the fruit more carefully.
      • He walked towards it on soft feet shading the torch with his hand to reduce its light to a narrow thread.

  • 2

    (area/background) sombrear
    • My favourite is Appleby's quiet, almost pastel shaded image of a potter at work.
    • I looked up from shading the line of her cheek, surprised.
    • The clarity of the screen was perfect and although the image was shaded, it could still be identified without scepticism.
    • He draws two olives above the horizontal line, and shades everything but the pimentos.
    • The sky seemed to look passively onward, black and dark like my pencil that had shaded it in.
    • I frowned and shaded in an area quickly, then stirred a dry paintbrush inside an empty jar.
    • She sketched the lines of his cheekbones and carefully shaded in the delicate curve of his upper lip.
    • Then I shaded in the different areas where the different species lived.
    • Many of the graphs omit units, have one or two shaded areas which are presumably meant to show something but are not elucidated in the text or caption, or seem to me not to show the pattern they are claimed to show.
    • A triangle adorned the map and the space within the triangle was shaded in red signifying the area that they would be searching.
    • They depict the Madonna and Child, saints, and angels painted in a strong, black outline style, with the details of drapery and facial features shaded in yellow and red earth colours.
    • Unlike the Spyglass's sky-colored outer hull, this ship was shaded in a dark gray mixed in with a small amount of chestnut.
    • This was serious stuff - if the targets were killed they were crossed off the list, while those wounded were shaded in grey.
    • I used my grey pencil to highlight the outlines of the buildings and I shaded in where the sun hadn't reached yet.
    • Exquisitely shaded pencil drawings are the basis for this slow, patient drift through a surrealist landscape that is at once impossible and alarmingly familiar.
    • Risking a glance at his hands all he saw before him was shaded in blue.
    • The characters are nicely shaded in contrast to the backgrounds and have a glowing soft look about them that immediately endears the game to the gamer.
    • These are not flat, but shaded in a way that gives them a certain three dimensionally.
    • Underneath two arched eyebrows, her eyes were large and brown, shaped like two walnuts and looked as though they were shaded in with a pencil.
    • Though the outline of the iris was shaded in green, the rest of it was a bright amber, giving him an almost wolfish appearance.
  • 3EEUU coloquial

    (defeat narrowly)
    ganarle por muy poco a
    ganarle por un pelo a coloquial
    ganarle por los pelos a coloquial
    • Was there any way to shade the odds, gain an extra edge as he had in the first challenge?

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    the colors shade into one another los colores se funden unos con otros
    • the yellow shades (off) into orange el amarillo se va convirtiendo en naranja