Traducción de shaft en Español:


asta, n.

Pronunciación /ʃæft//ʃɑːft/


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    • 1.1

      (of arrow, spear) asta femenino
      (of arrow, spear) astil masculino
      (of feather) cañón masculino
      (of hammer, ax) mango masculino
      (of cart) vara femenino
      • The individual strings seem to hang from central shafts, each string as long as the shaft from the point it attaches.
      • The sun was partially blocked by the shafts of the arrows which had soared across the sky.
      • He shook the handle, causing the shaft to snap into place, and pulled the lever back until it clicked, and released it.
      • This type is characterized by a square cross section and an offset shaft that served to seat the awl in a bone or antler handle.
      • It had a long shaft like a spear, but was more of a polearm than a thrusting weapon.
      • They took their spear by the shaft, and made it lean on the knee.
      • We heard the rhythmic pounding as the spear points were hammered onto shafts of ash wood.
      • Move down the shaft of each section of hair and continue tying knots from the root of your hair to about 2 inches from the ends.
      • They may have a short shaft or a blade at each end.
      • The shaft of the cutting tool fits into a collet, which in turn fits into the chuck sleeve.
      • A slip of paper was tied around the shaft of the arrow.
      • He snapped two fists around the shaft of his halberd.
      • Small worked flint blades known as microliths were perhaps the barbs of spears and harpoons with wooden shafts.
      • Maintaining a good posture, rotate the upper body to the right so that the shaft of the club is in front of you.
      • He found her fondling the shaft of her spear, a few steps away.
      • She cringed as her black blood ran down the shaft of the spear.
      • It came apart with a click and a spark of electricity, the long shaft separating from the body.
      • The shaft of long handled tools should be a light wood, such as ash, and should be unpainted and free of knots.
      • The first volley rang out as the sky further darkened by the shafts of thousands of arrows and bolts.
      • The forging process and the hieretics on the shaft of the staff pointed to high craftsmenship years ahead of the Egyptians.

    • 1.2literary

      (arrow) saeta femenino literario
      (spear) venablo masculino literario
      a shaft of wit una agudeza
      • his shafts of sarcasm sus salidas sarcásticas
      • Her heart soared with the swift flash of the shaft as it flew from the bow.

    • 1.3(of light)

      rayo masculino
      • Chris trembled as a shaft of the black light touched her skin.
      • But as I approached the area where I could see a shaft of light, I stopped.
      • In an annual commemorative ritual tied to sun and sky, a shaft of light will illuminate the void between the time of the first and second attacks.
      • Dust specks drift through a shaft of light in Grand Central Station.
      • She departed the command center and stepped into a shaft of white light in the atrium outside.
      • There was a shaft of light that I followed into the room.
      • So the building is metaphorically pinned to its place with a shaft of light from the sky that illuminates the whole labyrinth of knowledge.
      • She focussed on the relaxing qualities of that beautiful shaft of silver moonlight.
      • The skies cracked as a shaft of lightning, unleashed with the power of electrical fury, uncannily sped towards his still form on the ground.
      • In a shaft of light from the salon his smile looked almost evil.
      • As the music subsides they are both bathed in red light before a shaft of white light signifies the flight of their spirits to eternity.
      • A shaft of light moved across my eyes, rousing me from deep slumber.
      • The curtains were open and moonlight streamed through the windows, a shaft of light landing on the pillow.
      • A woman in a red skirt is caught in a shaft of white light and appears to be dragging a heavy shadow behind her.
      • Illuminated by a shaft of light from the ceiling, the altar glowed with brimming power, standing immaculate in the centre of the hall.
      • Watch the camera slowly track down a dark hallway toward a shaft of light from a crack in a door.
      • He hurled it into the chest of the monster and the trident transformed itself into a shaft of lightning, exploding into the beast.
      • I imagined that he was standing in a shaft of white light, though he was only a shadow within that light.
      • It was one of those special moments when you get a shaft of light, when something which you thought you couldn't know emerges, and you suddenly see what was going on.
      • The coming of the dawn sent a shaft of light right across Adam's face.

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    eje masculino
    • It has an area of 280 square metres and is complete with waterwheel, gears and shafts, millstones and fans and sieves for the processing of grain.
    • These assemblies consist of a cylindrical shaft supported at either end by a support bearing.
    • The valves and gear shafts in his mind spun faster and faster, spark plugs flickering with anticipation.
    • The water wheel axle shaft still turned and made a squeaky noise but Don could hear the footsteps of someone on the floor above him.
    • The spindle shaft rests between the maiden in the front and leather bearings attached to the flat board in the back.
    • As far as that goes I am willing to believe what I am told: that escalators are big, complicated machines packed into tight shafts and there aren't many hours when you can work on them.
    • In 1782, Watt developed a rotary engine that could turn a shaft and drive machinery to power the machines to spin and weave cotton cloth.
    • The first things to go in were the engines, a job that required a lot of measuring and development of a gear train to match their output to the belts and shafts that drove the looms.
    • The cams are mounted on a shaft which oscillates in rotation, and the pistons move so as to follow the profile of the cam.
    • The rheostat shafts are essentially cylinders with a flat face cut down one side.
    • Blades up to 3 1/2 inches wide could be carried and both wheel shafts now ran in sell-aligning ball bearings.
    • The hub motor's shaft is stationary and the outer casing spins, turning the rim and tire to which it is spoked.
    • Before the decade's end, it was discovered that an individual motor for each machine was more efficient and a lot safer than line shafts.
    • Figure 4 shows the digital and analog controller responses to a mechanical impulse on the shaft.
    • The feed was controlled by a hand lever at the top of the gear box and driven by belt, gears and universal shaft, giving a positive feed.
    • The gearbox gets over both problems by being two half-gearboxes in one case, with two clutches and two transmission shafts, one inside the other.
    • This resistance could be reduced if the fixed shafts of the rollers were rotated as they moved.
    • It is even more silent than the four-wheel drive versions, as there is much less mechanical noise from beneath the floor, due to the absence of propellor shaft and rear axle.
    • The Compaction Detector is a soil penetrometer cone and shaft pushed by a hydraulic cylinder, rather than by hand, into the ground.
    • The crank shaft turned the paddle shaft, which ultimately turned the paddle wheel.
  • 3EEUUmalsonante

    to give sb the shaft joder a algn vulgar slang
    • he got the shaft (he was fired) lo echaron
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    (of elevator) hueco masculino
    (of mine) pozo masculino
    (of mine) tiro masculino
    • The other team crashed down through the ceiling, having climbed along the ventilation shafts, right down on top of the African Hardwood conference desk.
    • ‘I've looked around this room and it appears there are no ventilation shafts,’ said Jonathan.
    • Then, gas entered the ship through the ventilation shafts, and she lost consciousness.
    • Coal was the fuel that fired the Industrial Revolution, coal was found in coal mines, and cages were needed to transport men and supplies up and down the shafts of these mines.
    • They got down to the end of the corridor to the hole in the door leading to the lift shaft.
    • They mine diamonds in a shaft, the entrance to which is inside their house.
    • With the help of the schematics he had obtained earlier, he managed to shut off the security system and enter through a ventilation shaft - an air duct.
    • I need that area to be completely airtight, including partitions and ventilation shafts.
    • By this time the mine had three shafts, many large stopes and hundreds of metres of drives.
    • Athena kneeled down and lifted up what appeared to be only a ventilation shaft, but was in fact an access panel.
    • Then, add to the atrium a luminous white skin of glazed bricks and a series of feature elements - balconies, stairs and stripped down lift shafts - and you very nearly have a new building.
    • There are no doors, no windows, no pipes, no ventilation shafts.
    • It was about the same size as the ventilation shafts at the school I rescued hostages from as my first mission, except it was round, not square.
    • As many as six shafts were sunk to mine the silver ore.
    • The shaft was merely a hole in the ground and the mining equipment was generally specialised and not readily moved.
    • For example, we were required to provide straight vertical shafts for plumbing, running from the ground to the highest unit.
    • Newspapers lift up the vertical shaft of the alley like small printed angels.
    • Another precipitous passage comes to a landing with vertical shafts disappearing into the ceiling.
    • The original stair hall, with an inserted glass lift shaft, provides the circulation linkage between the new and original pools.
    • At first I thought it was a holo-fall, but then saw it was just silvery linen, blowing this way and that from two ventilation shafts.

verbo transitivo

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    (person) joder vulgar slang
    I knew I'd shafted myself me di cuenta de que la había cagado vulgar slang
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    darle la patada a argot