Traducción de shakeout en Español:


reorganización, n.

Pronunciación ///ˈʃeɪkˌaʊt/


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    reorganización femenino
    racionalización femenino
    a shakeout in the financial markets una conmoción en los mercados financieros
    • The graphic design business in Dublin has suffered a shake-out in recent years.
    • The Executive blamed the US slowdown and the shake-out in global electronics.
    • The directors will indicate that the fall is very much in line with the general experience of bio-tech sector which has suffered from the shake-out among shares of ‘new economy’ stocks following heavy selling on Wall Street.
    • ‘This has been the shake-out of the century,’ he says of the current retail chaos.
    • The shake-out in the overcrowded Wi - Fi chip market has been predicted for a year now, and it seems finally to be starting.
    • The result may be a shake-out of some sort, with the top players increasingly dominant and the rest left looking for a niche.
    • But after a wretched start and a closing round of 74, he missed the final shake-out between the leading 75 players for the 35 places by three strokes.
    • There will be a big shake-out, not just in Scotland.
    • The market will witness a shake-out when the de-tariffing of motor and fire insurance takes place.
    • Today even optimistic analysts are calling for a continuing shake-out.
    • He likens the current shake-out to the period of stagnation in the 1980s when US companies were forced to sit down and make choices.
    • Although shake-outs are part of the usual flow of business in any economy, it can set a whole series of events in motion when consumers stop buying, or when retailers stop making profits because of price wars.
    • The bottom line is that shake-outs of the content management and enterprise portal markets have long been predicted.
    • He said: ‘I need to sink some putts in the final round if I am to get into the frame at the shake-out, but I'm in there and fighting.’
    • The international shake-out in the information and communications technology sectors, which impacted with big job losses in Ireland in recent days, was especially cited as posing difficulties and dampening economic growth.
    • Second, for the past year at least, the loss in jobs and the shake-out in the financial sector in particular, has been marked and growth in London has slowed considerably.
    • When the downturn first began and investment banks in the City of London began a staff shake-out, Scottish fund managers were a beneficiary.
    • But the underlying cause of last week's yo-yo-ing on the markets was the long-awaited shake-out of the over-valued internet companies.
    • Reliance on search engines is increasing and will continue to do so, so it is not surprising that there are shake-outs from time to time.
    • Taken over a five-year period, the Irish pension funds have yielded an average return of just 1.1%, dragged down by the shake-out that started in the Nasdaq in 2000 when the high-tech bubble finally burst.