Traducción de shameless en Español:


descarado, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈʃeɪmləs//ˈʃeɪmləs/


  • 1

    (exploitation/lie) descarado
    (cheat/liar) desvergonzado
    (liar/cheat) sinvergüenza
    he's quite shameless about arriving late no le da ninguna vergüenza llegar tarde
    • Faced with the shameless hypocrisy of their Big Lie, the advocates resorted to petty little lies.
    • If this story has a familiar ring about it, it's more than likely a result of shameless Hollywood plagiarism of the two men's lives.
    • And, of course, there was the shameless promotion of the vehicle offering these artists the chance to promote shamelessly.
    • And in my opinion, the documentary last night was a pretty shameless attempt to exploit this very fact…
    • Each time I met this shameless fellow, my first instinct was to slap him and tell him to get lost.
    • Even there, though, he has included scenes of shameless exposition and eye-glazing high-finance talk.
    • He was shameless, he knew what buttons to push and readily did so.
    • Flirting is second nature to you and you are almost shameless when it comes to practicing your flirting style.
    • It's a shameless, derivative, silly movie - and thoroughly entertaining.
    • I'm pretty shameless about that, because at a certain point that becomes your challenge because you get bored.
    • Are you a shameless attention-seeker who can only get ego-gratification by having many people compliment you?
    • But bravo for having the sort of artistic chutzpah to inject New Zealand's art scene with some shameless vitality.
    • He is shameless when it comes to putting Japanese workers and interests first.
    • It's women like you that promote shameless propaganda that all men are to be seen as being sexually driven, only striving to plant their seed.
    • She may not remember her past life, but she had the feeling that she was not shameless.
    • The town council decides something must be done about the girls' shameless behaviour, but they never seem able to act on this decision.
    • Gone is the shameless arrogance and empire building of the previous incumbents.
    • He was being called dangerous, brazen and shameless.
    • Are judge and jury, who are after all in the end only one of us, really going to be taken in by all this shameless role-playing?
    • The success of the film relies on its shameless embrace of conformity.