Traducción de shanghai en Español:


Pronunciación /ˈʃæŋhaɪ//ʃaŋˈhʌɪ/

verbo transitivoshanghaiing, shanghaied, shanghais


  • 1

    embarcar (a alguien) por la fuerza como tripulante de un barco mercante
    I got shanghaied into volunteering me presionaron para que me ofreciera a hacerlo
    • Budd innocently exalts, even as he is shanghaied and set upon a path that leads to the yardarm.
    • Gender-hustlers in the equal Opportunities Commission sponsored over three hundred programmes to shanghai women into Science and Engineering.
    • Voluntary - even mandatory - service to school and community is one thing, but to be shanghaied into unpaid labor in order to improve your schoolmasters' quarterly figures?
    • But first of all, it's not like they're going to take a helicopter down there and shanghai these people to the CBS studios.
    • This reader felt almost shanghaied between Contents and Index.
    • To recap: last week Jack shanghaied a suspect and used a taser to force him to reveal the location of the primary bad guy.
    • Joe, and Ned it turns out, are minutes from being shanghaied into white slavery when Nancy finally gets around to saving them.
    • What they don't realize is that the plane is still en route to LA and Walt has merely shanghaied their minds for this astral plane adventure.
    • At the end of the afternoon the cameras came out, and a waiter was shanghaied to take the group photo.
    • The merchant ship's hold had been emptied, and according to the crew some of their shipmates had been shanghaied by the pirates.
    • Cain had made that very clear when he had shanghaied them for this little errand.
    • Marcella shanghaied him and said something about his brother being in the study and wanting to see him.
    • Anyone publishing it should be shanghaied aboard a hell-ship and flogged through the horse latitudes.
    • Doubtless the car's previous owner would be irked to discover that his car was gone, but he'd likely be amazed if he knew it was being shanghaied to Mercury.
    • It was probably the first time any of them had received a kind word from the panda since they had been shanghaied to the crew.
    • The emotional nature of feelings about morality makes it especially vulnerable to being shanghaied by baser instincts.
    • I, for instance, listen largely to Radio National, which has in recent years been shanghaied by this Government and is now less likely to present an unbiased view for fear of being sacked and general de-funding.
    • The night before he began his college basketball career, Anthony was shanghaied along with the rest of his Syracuse teammates and was taken to a party at the New York museum on board the USS Intrepid aircraft carrier.
    • It wasn't $20 million, but it was still more money than I imagine this woman had seen in her life - a pretty good payout and hardly deterrence to other parents in the neighborhood who felt entitled to shanghai the system.
    • I felt like an idiot, standing there with nothing to say after I'd shanghaied him.
    • Or, a bowl of intense onion soup under a mantle of heat-blasted Gruyère croutons lies waiting to shanghai your palate with a sneak shot of warming red pepper.
    • Adventure shanghaied me to near disaster on the high seas.
    • Which begs the question: How did the film-makers shanghai this many recognizable actors into such a debacle?
    • So right off the bat, I'm thinking this Nietzsche guy might be worth investigating, and I'm feeling pretty good about shanghaiing his name - at least temporarily - for my latest exercise in metaphysical gymnastics.
    • Otherwise, as Hume remarks in his essay ‘Of the Original Contract’, it is like telling a man who has been shanghaied aboard a ship that he is free to leap into the sea and perish.