Traducción de shape en Español:


forma, n.

Pronunciación /ʃeɪp//ʃeɪp/


  • 1

    • 1.1(visible form)

      forma femenino
      it is triangular in shape tiene forma triangular
      • in the shape of a cross en forma de cruz
      • what shape shall I make the opening? ¿de que forma quieres que haga la abertura?
      • they come in all shapes and sizes los hay de muy diversos tipos
      • the sweater's lost its shape el suéter se ha deformado
      • to be out of shape estar deformado
      • The normal, healthy shape of the spine is a very gentle S-curve.
      • This will create a clean lined look that will contour your body shape.
      • Suddenly, he noticed a translucent, dark purple flame floating two or three inches away from his sister's skin, outlining the shape of her body.
      • Outline the desired shape of your pond with a garden hose or a rope.
      • Layered shapes, outlined in black, burgundy or pink, imitate the forms of architecture and industrial design.
      • Suppose that one of Vermeer's main uses for the camera obscura was to obtain precise outlines for the various shapes in a composition.
      • Once you have outlined the shape of the rose bed, it's time to improve the soil - before planting the roses.
      • The shapes, crisp outlines and clear, near-obsessive glyphs are quite exquisite.
      • Use a black marker to outline the shape and to write scientific or mathematical equations on the bag.
      • They started putting masking tape on the floor to outline the shapes of machines.
      • My finger traces along the seven stars, outlining the shape of a ladle.
      • Safes designed for home use come in a variety of shapes, sizes and designs, and there's sure to be one out there that's perfect for your needs.
      • Disturbing images of police tape outlining the shape of Evangeline's lifeless body flashed before his eyes.
      • Morgan hypothesizes that the mound shape was first outlined by a line of posts set in a wall trench, which served as a retaining wall for the fill.
      • Try using a garden hose, or sprinkle limestone, to outline the shape of a new bed.
      • The pattern is programmed to stitch an outline around the shape to hold it in place while the edge is stitched.
      • For this he reconstructed a Neolithic forest whose outline forms the shape of an endangered falcon.
      • His dark blond hair was cut very short and outlined the shape of his head neatly.
      • They cut out the portion where the sod would grow and outlined the shape with bender-board.
      • Families come in all kinds of shapes and sizes and configurations.

    • 1.2(general nature, outline)

      conformación femenino
      configuración femenino
      • Orwell's theoretical concerns about the likely shape of the future could be considered a form of political satire.
      • The shape of this paper can be summarised as follows.
      • Our new understanding will lead us to new tools, which will ‘change the nature and shape of firms.’
      • The shape of future health-care legislation is yet to be seen.
      • A fulfilled national dream, the railway changed the lives of every man, woman and child in Canada and altered the future and shape of the nation.

    • 1.3(unidentified person, thing)

      figura femenino
      bulto masculino
      • In the absence of the lamps, Tesha was unable to identify the shape until it righted itself and stood straight.
      • They looked up and saw a huge shape outlined by sunlight; it came over.
      • Jim was desperately trying to make sense of the golden blur before him, trying to force the formless shapes to solidify, to identify themselves.
      • Their shapes were not clearly distinguishable, as they were covered by some kind of insubstantial black flame.
      • Ada peered through the frosted glass of the front entrance, but was not able to identify anything other than some fuzzy grey shapes moving around the front yard.
      • Through the dark mist, I could make out the faint shape of a large cat.
      • All she could see was a light purple mist that clouded anything beyond into indiscernible shapes.
      • Holding out in front of her, trying to keep it steady, she pointed it at several of the moving shapes but couldn't identify any of them.
      • Their shape could not be clearly defined as their outline seemed blurred in a haze of grey smoke surrounding them, but they seemed human shaped.
      • Slowly the world started to leak in to her mind, her eyes started to identify shapes; she could see the centurions crowded around her whispering.
      • At the edge of the woods, a few birds had started to call out and flutter between the trees, vague shapes moving through the mist beyond the half-open bathroom window.
      • Eldon looked at the radar screen and saw three shapes identified as Coalition frigates.
      • I am not in the habit of following strange shapes in the mist about eerie woods.
      • As he neared the hill the shapes took outlines of men instead of the formless gray lumps they'd appeared as.
      • He was hunting for greens when he became aware of the dark shape outlined against the shifting, luminous background.
      • Peering though the roiling mist, Andrew could see back-lit shapes moving within.
      • The field was denser than the War Six field, but the obstacles were more visible and their shapes were easier to identify.
      • Throughout the painting are less clearly defined shapes and stabs of the loaded brush.
      • The mist became separate shapes, moving shapes, coloured shapes.
      • The ground seemed lumpy and careful observations revealed the outline of a massive shape.

  • 2

    her reply took the shape of a 15-page letter su respuesta consistió en una carta de 15 folios
    • a third bidder emerged in the shape of Acme Inc surgió una tercera oferta, presentada por Acme Inc
    • assistance in the shape of food stamps ayuda consistente en vales canjeables por comida
  • 3

    (condition, order)
    for her age, she's in pretty good shape para su edad, está bastante bien (de salud)
    • the old man's in pretty bad shape el viejo anda / está muy mal
    • he's in great shape for the tournament está en muy buena forma para el torneo
    • I was in no shape to put up a fight no estaba en condiciones de pelear
    • to keep / stay in shape mantenerse en forma
  • 4

    (mold, pattern)
    molde masculino
    • For each shape, glue two papers together to hide the plain side.
    • Gris too made extensive use of papier collé, and Matisse's use of cut-out paper shapes in his late work is a development of the technique.
    • Cut a bunny shape from white paper in a size that will fit over the pop-up piece; fold in half.
    • Then separate shapes are made by actually cutting the mesh into shapes and casting the paper straight into shapes on the J cloth.
    • Cut simple holiday shapes out of paper or felt, then hang with thread from curtain rods, hanging lamps, doorways or over the outside of a lampshade.

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (make in given form)
    (object/material) darle forma a
    to shape sth into sth
    • she shaped the dough into a ring formó un anillo con la masa
    • Autumn, or Bacchus's Trickery of Erigone is one of a pair of oddly shaped canvases, perhaps meant to fit into rococo mouldings, which celebrate Spring and Autumn.
    • The fitted and shaped waist styling really suits hour glass figures and can only be welcomed by women who are not stick thin and have voluptuous curves to show.
    • Every block was shaped to fit just so, leaving little more than a paper-thin gap in between.
    • The locket itself was oval shaped and intricately carved with the image of a nightingale perched on a vine of Moonflower.
    • Blandin planes used a T - shaped cast iron lever to adjust the depth of cut by rising or lowering the leading edge of the cutter.
    • The early morning sun filtered through breaks in the canopy, casting strangely shaped shadows over the ground.
    • The tile will be safe for the example load if the trench bottom is shaped to fit the tile rather than left flat.
    • This spectacular hairstyle combines a sleek crown with a neatly tucked side swept front and a tightly sculpted fan shaped chignon.
  • 2

    (events) determinar
    (person/character/ideas) formar
    incidents that shaped history incidentes que forjaron la historia
    • In the context of the Cold War and the ascendancy of the coalition parties in federal politics, these historians emphasised the role played by the labour movement in shaping Australian national life.
    • And thus it was that the career of a great Indian batsman was influenced and shaped by the example of a great Pakistani batsman.
    • He never lets his characters off the hook, no matter how much their characters have been shaped and determined by their upbringing.
    • Other beings have independent desires that are shaped and influenced by all manner of things from peer pressure to economics to physics to biology.
    • The history of the larger world is always shaping and influencing what his characters feel and do.
    • Frontiers have come in all shapes and historical moments, and childhood has always been shaped by a bramble of racial and ethnic diversity.
    • The urban laboring man's realistic view of what was possible was shaped by the nature of eighteenth-century America.
    • It was evident that this now feeble woman was once influential and helped shape her past.
    • We can go further than that and suggest that an actor's roles may have the same kind of effect, that cultural identity and national myths may be shaped by influential performers.
    • There seems to be little doubt that these twin foci have been influential in shaping how supervisors think about supervision.
    • Canadian Baptists, however, know we are not American, even though we have been shaped by the pervasive influence of American culture.
    • Sadly, too many players have ignored the rich chess tapestry that has shaped and colored the rules, strategies and openings that we take for granted today.
    • But as you know, no television program gets put on or shaped or determined by just one person, never.
    • He also played a big role in shaping how America handles its money.
    • Just how much is predetermined by the forces of genes and how much is shaped by influences such as society and culture remain unclear - and hotly debated.
    • As the title suggests, this is a book shaped primarily by an interrogative stance.
    • Above and beyond contemporary political struggles, the migration of labor can play an interesting role in shaping the very nature of political institutions and the role they play.
    • We of the Never-Never was extremely influential in shaping urban Australia's view of the outback - more than a million copies have been sold, it was adapted for schools, and a film version appeared in 1982.
    • As the leader of the majority party in the House, the Speaker also plays a major role in shaping and implementing party decisions on forthcoming legislation.
    • As we shape the economy and the resultant income distribution we are also shaping the very nature of our democracy.

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    (project) tomar forma
    (plan) desarrollarse
    how's the team shaping? ¿qué tal marcha / va el equipo?
    • it is shaping to be the closest championship for years se está perfilando como el campeonato más reñido de los últimos años