Traducción de share capital en Español:

share capital

capital social, n.



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    capital social masculino
    • The Irish company has just £98 share capital and the performance of the contract is backed by a number of bonds.
    • However, as for all significant doings with their share capital, companies need to get shareholders' permission first.
    • Together these would wipe out almost 80 per cent of its called-up share capital.
    • Some 250 million shares are on offer which is 173 per cent of the current issued share capital.
    • I have a family business with an authorised and issued share capital of £100.
    • Word has it the short position in the stock is sizeable, possibly as big as 8 per cent of the company's share capital.
    • The foundation will have no share capital, will pay no dividends, but profits which the hospital make in the future will be utilised for the upliftment of the community.
    • Since June the company has bought back 3.8 million shares, representing 4.8 per cent of the company's issued share capital.
    • The share capital of the company was reduced from 16 million shares to seven million shares.
    • The net assets of the company are still smaller than half of the called-up share capital.
    • One was a charge over uncalled share capital; the other was a shipowner's lien on subfreights.
    • Actually they represented surplus assets, that is, assets not required to make good issued share capital.
    • Tax advisers accepted that result - do something strange with your share capital and you are at risk, if you like.
    • It is hardly unexpected that the net assets of the company are less than half of the amount of the called-up share capital which requires the calling of a special meeting.
    • The cost of equity can be a bit tricky to calculate as share capital carries no ‘explicit’ cost.
    • He said that although a lot of efforts were made towards the mobilisation of share capital, only a modest increase was attained.
    • To the former he explained that the change of company name should be kept entirely separate from the question of transfer of shares or issue of new share capital.
    • Issues to consider are share capital versus loan capital, close companies issues and expansion plans.
    • The capital reduction plan will not reduce the nominal value of the share, or its authorised or issued share capital.
    • Often the husband may hold 99 per cent of the issued share capital, and the wife the remaining one per cent.