Traducción de shatter en Español:


hacer añicos, v.

Pronunciación /ˈʃædər//ˈʃatə/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    • 1.1(break)

      (window/plate) hacer añicos
      (window/plate) hacer pedazos
      the stone shattered the glass la piedra dejó el cristal hecho añicos
      • she shattered four world records echó abajo cuatro récords mundiales
      • It shattered suddenly, cracking into thousands of millions of small pieces.
      • Her heart felt as if it was hanging onto a single strand of thread, able to break off and shatter into pieces any moment.
      • Glasses and bottles were shattering throughout the room, exploding on the walls and cutting everyone in range.
      • I broke them, shattering the pieces, cutting my hand with the glass.
      • The damage was so extensive the front door was shattered and has had to be replaced.
      • The contents break, shatter, explode, leak and escape, usually in the way most damning of the innocent drudge attempting to sort them.
      • It was safety glass so it shattered but didn't break.
      • Scarlet felt her heart break in two and shatter into pieces.
      • If she touched her, she was worried the child might break, shatter into a million pieces at the shock of the touch in her personal space.
      • The plate soared through the air, slicing the twilight, before a bullet made contact with it, shattering the porcelain dish in midair.
      • Out of nowhere, the glass from the windows shatter and the front door is broken.
      • A crack appears and soon the bottle shatters into many pieces.
      • With a stealthy leap, Percival broke through the window, shattering pieces of glass over the floor in front of the window, and on the roof right outside it.
      • Then he passed out, dropping the piece of glass, which shattered into a thousand pieces.
      • The glass top shattered in a million pieces flying across the room like shrapnel.
      • I brought my foot down with full force on the glass and heard it shatter into millions of pieces.
      • I flung it through the window causing it to shatter into countless pieces.
      • It hurt too much; I couldn't trust them not to shatter the already broken pieces of my heart.
      • The blow shattered yet another piece in the fencing as the human went flying backwards into it.
      • Her mirror that hung on the door was broken - shattered into hundreds of pieces as if fell to the ground.

    • 1.2(destroy)

      (nerves/health) destrozar
      (confidence/hopes) destruir
      (confidence/hopes) echar por tierra
      (silence/calm) romper
      • Their lives have been shattered by the devastating effects of the recent cyclones.
      • Thousands of working class people had their confidence and hopes shattered by the despised old grammar school system.
      • He admitted, however, that the latest blast shattered the peace enjoyed by the local people since the December peace deal.
      • But the damage was permanent and his military career was shattered, along with his spinal column.
      • But the sombre peace is shattered when a bomb blast is heard shuddering in the distance and the spooks must answer the call of duty.
      • Early losses can end a team's season, wreck its confidence, shatter its psyche.
      • My aunt together with the other elderly and frail residents have had their feelings of security and confidence shattered by these proposals.
      • People's attitudes do not remain static during an enormous economic crisis that is shattering their lives.
      • The crisis threatens to shatter the opposition party's bid to retain its status as the majority party in the parliamentary elections.
      • Poor fisher folk were the worst hit, their boats damaged, their houses destroyed and their lives shattered.
      • An individual may need a crisis to shatter his ego and thereby overwhelm the yetzer hara.
      • A woman who claimed that her confidence was shattered while working as a dental practice manager has had her case thrown out by an employment tribunal.
      • The gym hall was strewn with sobbing lassies, their lives ruined, their confidence shattered by human error.
      • A fire a few months after opening your own pub pretty much shatters your confidence.
      • At the outset, dishonesty in individuals may shatter the sense of loyalty, honesty and responsibility and destroy the foundation of social justice.
      • The whole ordeal has just shattered my confidence and I'm always left worrying what people think of me when they see the scars.
      • Others are probably wondering why I'm going on about my life being shattered and ruined.
      • We must destroy before they shatter our being with their ignorance.
      • This shattered the public's confidence in the railway system.
      • We are not discussing social options, but trying to build a country that has been destroyed and a state that has been shattered.

  • 2

    • 2.1(shock)

      she was shattered by the news la noticia la dejó destrozada

    • 2.2British informal (exhaust)

      that walk has shattered me la caminata me ha dejado de cama América Latina coloquial
      • I arrived home feeling completely shattered llegué a casa hecho polvo / muerto de cansancio

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    (window/glass) hacerse añicos
    (glass/window) hacerse pedazos
    the cup shattered as it hit the ground la taza se hizo añicos al caer al suelo
    • the windscreen shattered into a thousand pieces el parabrisas estalló / se astilló en mil pedazos