Traducción de she en Español:


ella, pron.

Pronunciación /ʃi//ʃiː/


  • 1

    she's a writer/my sister es escritora/mi hermana
    • she didn't say it, I did no fue ella quien lo dijo, sino yo
    • don't ask me, she's the expert no me preguntes a mí, la experta es ella
    • Lisa Swenson? who's she? ¿Lisa Swenson? ¿quién es Lisa Swenson?
    • could I speak to Mary, please? — this is she ¿podría hablar con Mary, por favor? — al aparato / habla con ella
    • he's as tall as she is / (formal) as tall as she es tan alto como ella
  • 2

    (ship, boat)
    she's a sturdy vessel es un barco sólido
    • The ship is now in the Falklands where she has taken over from HMS Dumbarton Castle.
    • He also moved to dispel what he said was the myth that Queen Mary never sailed in convoy because she was too quick.
    • The ship is returning to the Gulf, where she has been a regular visitor in recent years.
    • The crew had raced out and were able to get them off the ship before she sank.
    • It is a fine sight in the summer wind as she sails away and becomes a dot on the horizon.
    • The ship was sailing from New York to Liverpool when she was struck off the coast of Ireland.
    • When the ship was lost, relatives were wrongly informed that she had hit a mine.
    • This was the Danish ship Flora, and she steamed straight for the anchored Gwladmena.
    • From the equator she will sail past the Cape of Good Hope and then to Cape Leeuwin in Australia.
    • Work is expected to begin shortly, and she may be ready to be sunk by next April.
    • A small ship with a big name and a big heart, she was obviously a source of immense pride for her new owner.



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    it's a she (of baby) es nena América Latina