Traducción de sheepish en Español:


avergonzado, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈʃipɪʃ//ˈʃiːpɪʃ/


  • 1

    • The offending male was rather sheepish when I glared at him through my cat-mask and asked him what exactly he thought he was doing.
    • Sheep templates were snatched up and youngsters have been far from sheepish in letting their imaginations run riot.
    • I just stand there with a sheepish grin, my heart thumping like a foundry hammer.
    • But it was too late to deliver an apology and I understand a sheepish Paul has hardly been able to sleep since.
    • Her name was Rebecca and she spent Friday looking rather sheepish and apologetic!
    • How can voters respond when their sheepish representatives can't even debate the matter in parliament?
    • His reply was a sheepish admission that even in time of war, boys will be boys.
    • She ran ahead, anxious for the secret to be unveiled, while Jude walked behind with a sheepish grin.
    • Next to her was a little old guy looking rather sheepish and awkward, wearing a stripy jacket and a corduroy cap, with lots of badges on both.
    • There is something apologetic and sheepish about Boris even at the best of times.
    • He looked rather sheepish and diffident, hands in pockets and a nervous grin on his face.
    • I looked over at his mother to see a sheepish, almost embarrassed look on her face.
    • As I came through the door I was greeted by a sheepish looking hound.
    • Some sheepish hands are raised and the rest are banished from his presence.
    • We're sheepish about it because we're too dumb to know how to fight back against the microscopic murderers.
    • In the intermission of the premiere, the guests looked distinctly sheepish.
    • He was smiling at me, looking uncharacteristically sheepish, and well, quite beautiful.
    • The groom's father and the bridegroom look sheepish and shake their heads.
    • Looking sheepish when he finally noticed me standing at the counter, he laughed an apology.
    • As a gratifyingly sheepish look passed over my hairdresser's face, I basked in my brief moment of triumph.