Traducción de shield en Español:


escudo, n.

Pronunciación /ʃild//ʃiːld/


  • 1

    • 1.1Militar Historia

      escudo masculino
      riot shield escudo antidisturbios masculino
      • The savior's novice guard cape floated in the same direction as his hair and pants, and he unconsciously removed the new shield from its back straps.
      • I barely had time to parry her first blow with the shield before she was coming around again, sword raised and teeth bared in a white grimace.
      • Behind this barrier stood helmeted paramilitary police carrying riot shields and wearing body armor.
      • Not only was he faster then she was, but he was armed whereas she only had her shield strapped around her right forearm.
      • His old shield had taken many blows and was dented, so he replaced it with a buckler with red trim, a gold emblem at its center.
      • Doune then caught a heavy blow to his left side, his shield blunting the force of the blow, but stumbled backwards and fell onto his back.
      • It was a force to be proud of: the unit was outfitted with state of the art weaponry, and each had a shield strapped on his back.
      • The children are also learning to march like a tortoise as the Romans did, with shields at their side and on top.
      • Outside the wall, commandos beat truncheons against their shields and police dogs barked.
      • Patrick whipped out his new shield and the shield defended against the blow.
      • He feinted to her left, and as she moved her shield to catch the blow, changed the direction of his thrust and rammed his sword into her lower chest.
      • Derryn dressed the same as he always had despite going into war, except for the horse he was on and the kite shield strapped around one arm.
      • His sword was sheathed at his side, and his shield was ready on his back.
      • She managed a shaky grin, leaning heavily against the side of the shield.
      • Catching a mercenary's outstretched torso with the broad surface of his shield, the Colonel hurled his adversary high overhead.
      • It parried the blow with its shield, and lashed out with its sword.
      • The Guard braced their riot shields and checked their equipment.
      • There were several hundred police officers armed with shields and batons.
      • Each of his soldiers was ordered to carry a cat on his shield, thus preventing the Egyptians, to whom the cat was sacred, from striking a blow.
      • He snaked one arm through the shield's heavy carrying strap and shoved the gun into his waistband while he reached for the door.

    • 1.2(escutcheon)

      escudo masculino
      • The shield and crest are displayed on William Shakespeare's monument and on Susanna Hall's seal.
      • The Shire Hall at the castle, which contains one of the biggest displays of heraldic shields in the country, is world famous and 30 years ago staged the trial of the Birmingham Six.
      • Upon the shield was the traditional animal, a large bore head with the royal house sword of battle behind it.
      • Two African leopards adorn the national emblem, a five-pointed white star on a light blue shield with a gold border.
      • There is evidence for both flat and curved kite shields, with the curved being most likely, and most having bosses.

    • 1.3(badge)

      escudo masculino
      insignia femenino
      distintivo masculino
      • And I will carry this: It is the police shield of a man named George Howard, who died at the World Trade Center trying to save others.
      • Somebody's in the uniform where they had a badge, or a shield.

    • 1.4British (trophy)

      (en forma de escudo) placa femenino

  • 2

    (protective cover)
    (on machine) revestimiento masculino
    (of animal) caparazón masculino
    eye shield visera protectora femenino
    • Actually, this is a shield to prevent gas from blowing back in the shooter's face in the rare event of a failure of some kind.
    • The dorsal shield was pierced by a single, large, nostril-like opening situated in the middle of the head in front of the eyes.
    • Naupli have a cephalic shield or the beginnings of the dorsal carapace, and no segmentation on the trunk.
    • The design incorporates a shield which prevents the thumb safely and rear sight from robbing against the body.
    • These X-rays heated the interior of the bomb and the tamper; the shield prevented premature detonation of the fuel.
    • One photograph of an internal mold of the dorsal shield shows a ‘faint impression of the brain.’
    • The fusion of the cephalic segments is most obvious when a cephalic shield or carapace is present.
    • The top of the head is always covered by a shield of keratin-covered scutes, and the tail is covered by bony rings.

verbo transitivo

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    to shield sth/sb from sb/sth proteger algo/a algn de algn/algo
    • to shield sb from reality proteger a algn de la realidad
    • the bushes shielded them from view los matorrales los ocultaban
    • shielded cable cable blindado
    • We were shown to a large glass dining table and a bamboo screen was placed around us to shield us.
    • An iron door opens to a simple, calm seating area, shielded behind a straight-lined wall screen.
    • As I am sitting on the floor and shielded by the shelves it is basically impossible to see me from the creative room.
    • We chose to sit beneath a willow tree with its branches shielding us from view.
    • Until the memo surfaces, most opponents prefer behind-the-scenes warfare largely shielded from public view.
    • He was able to dodge her long enough to make his way to the edge of the forest and darted into the trees, hiding behind one large enough to shield him from view.
    • She said that in West Yorkshire victims could be shielded from defendants in court by screens and sometimes they could give their evidence from another room in the court building by video link.
    • With an intense look and his eyes shielded behind wraparound shades, he is, at first, extremely intimidating.
    • I sit now at a table in the back, shielded from view by a large group of eyebrow-ringed art students and chess players.
    • Eager whispers followed his every step as he paced restlessly down the cream and burgundy corridors, glowing eyes shielded behind his dark glasses.
    • It was a place of money and old houses, and each house was set deep back behind a large front lot and shielded by trees.
    • When our hero passed, she could barely look him in the eye, she just shielded herself behind her sympathetic companions.
    • Someone was running behind her, very closely, shielded from her sight by a hooded jacket.
    • He can do all this and more, but only if he knows the truth and is not shielded behind a cocoon of manufactured perceptions.