Traducción de shifty en Español:


furtivo, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈʃɪfti//ˈʃɪfti/

adjetivoshiftiest, shiftier

  • 1

    (expression/eyes) furtivo
    (appearance) sospechoso
    • She was shifty, evasive and clearly unprepared for the assault.
    • No, he said, he did not agree that he was shifty or dishonest, but he pointed out that he had moved his position on evidence once or twice.
    • Now comes the news that her shifty lawyer father has only 48 hours to raise a lot of money or face financial ruin and imprisonment.
    • ‘The secret to door opening is this, Melissa,’ James glanced around in a shifty manner.
    • His overall appearance was that of a shifty man who couldn't be trusted.
    • We're pretty sure there are shifty people somewhere.
    • Sure, it made me seem like a shifty person, but so be it.
    • Gazing down shows that either you're shifty - and therefore lying - or that you are defeated.
    • He stealthed behind her for a few minutes before she turned into an alleyway, where a shifty character stood waiting for her.
    • Turns out they pay an idiotic sum (think thousands of Canadian dollars) to a couple of shifty sailors to take them there.
    • Not only had I failed in my duties, but some other guy - a dopey, shifty guy we both knew - had sent her flowers with a card attached.
    • You guys are shifty, and you guys answer quickly with tremendous certainty, and it's the wrong answer.
    • And he looked like a shifty dealer just opening his pack.
    • His manner was shifty; there was guilt written all over his face.
    • It is a slow-boiler of a film, an exercise in the suspense that spooky children, locked doors, creaking floors, mist, candles and shifty characters do best.
    • My shifty manner is, I am pretty sure, that of the classic fraudster.
    • It seems that the shifty fellow had broken into the small museum in the town and in an unguarded moment had filched the treasure map and a few gold coins.
    • In fact, come to think of it, he was downright shifty.
    • When I came to, I found myself tightly tied to a steel chair guarded by a few shifty men guarding me with loaded guns.
    • But he's shifty and elusive in the open field and could preserve the big-play ability Smith may otherwise miss on kick returns.