Traducción de shilly-shally en Español:


titubear, v.

Pronunciación /ˈʃɪliˌʃæli//ˈʃɪlɪʃali/

verbo intransitivoshilly-shallies, shilly-shallied, shilly-shallying

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    you've shilly-shallied over this quite long enough ya le has dado demasiadas vueltas al asunto
    • stop shilly-shallying! ¡déjate de titubeos!
    • Her lobster is warm, which is reason enough not to shilly-shally with it, and my crustaceans are chilled, which I too do not want to compromise.
    • No native in this group shilly-shallies with milestones in life such as who to marry and what career to choose.
    • Does it mean that you shilly-shallied about giving them the full document?
    • However, I have been shilly-shallying, due to the cramped space of my flat and the densely inhabited area where I reside.
    • There's no point shilly-shallying about the shallows, you've got to wade into the deep area.
    • Though many of them were shilly-shallying to come to the stage, some were sportive enough to take part.
    • But I don't believe in shilly-shallying around.
    • Not even knowing to write the alphabets, he can read newspapers flawlessly without shilly-shallying, no matter how tough the word is.
    • I think Michael felt the same because we dawdled and shilly-shallied about; enjoying the freedom rather than getting on with the journey.
    • There are people out there willing to be tested, who do not shilly-shally and stall.
    • ‘They then started shilly-shallying,’ she said.
    • I think the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats have shilly-shallied around this for far too long.
    • That the government has been weak and shilly-shallying, that the public are dupes and the farmers paying the price seems to me to be very much in the current run of things.
    • You know, you can shilly-shally around, but if you want your players to win then you have to give them everything you can.


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    titubeos masculino
    dudas femenino