Traducción de shindy en Español:


lío, n.

Pronunciación /ˈʃɪndi//ˈʃɪndi/

nombrePlural shindies

  • 1coloquial

    (fight, argument)
    lío masculino coloquial
    escándalo masculino
    to kick up a shindy armar la de Dios es Cristo coloquial
    • It was her seventeenth birthday and it was predicted that the party would be the shindy of 1944.
    • It is almost impossible to get judges there who will administer laws without bribery, and as every man goes armed with knife or revolver, there are plenty of shindies.
    • Now and then a jig competition would be held on the dock, to everyone's delight; and numerous parties and shindies and an occasional bout of fisticuffs added to the general merriment.
    • We'd celebrate our new trading status with cheap rum and boozy shindy dancing and the pirates would engage in swashbuckling sword fights over who gets first Arrgghs!
    • Called to vote on a Parliamentary slate, the country has just voted acceptance, though 60% of the electorate remained away from the polls and three individuals were killed in election shindies.
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