Traducción de shine en Español:


brillo, n.

Pronunciación /ʃʌɪn//ʃaɪn/


  • 1

    brillo masculino
    he polished the table to a shine limpió la mesa hasta hacerla brillar
    • to give one's shoes a shine embolarse los zapatos
    • He thanked them gratefully and said, ‘Can I get a quick shine then, since I'm here already?’
    • The day I was there, the beautician started by cleaning the natural nail to remove the surface shine and oils and then applied disinfectant and primer.
    • A vinyl or polyurethane finish has been applied on the surface to keep a shine without waxing; the urethane is more durable.
    • The shoe shine is becoming a lost art, sadly.
    • The visa applicants hover nervously in their best clothes as shoe shine boys run eagerly around.
    • However if he could have found a shoe shine boy he would have quite happily shelled out for a quick shine.
    • The songs may be old-fashioned hard rock, but the producer has polished them to a bright shine.
    • The leather and the wood surfacing on the dashboard shine like skin in the sun.
    • He works as a shoe shine boy from 2 p.m. until sometimes 3 a.m in the morning.
    • Rub cuticle oil into your cuticles and onto your nails for instant shine.
    • Basically hailing from Calicut, their job is to procure old gramophones and, after giving them a shine, sell them for an attractive amount.
    • He was also scornful of the use of varnish, which is a quick way for artists to make the surface shine and also to protect it.

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    (gleam, glow)
    (star/sun) brillar
    (glass/shoes/metal) relucir
    (glass/shoes/metal) brillar
    (eyes) brillar
    the moon shone down on us la luna nos iluminaba
    • his sincerity shines through his every word sus palabras traslucen sinceridad
    • his face shone with sweat le brillaba la cara de sudor
    • her face shone with joy su rostro resplandecía de alegría
    • Her hair was unruly and sticking out at all ends and though she was nearing the end of her life her eyes shone with youth and liveliness.
    • Mr Pike, whose mother was from Burnley, said when he was growing up he thought the sun did not shine in the town because of the pollution spewed out by the cotton factories.
    • The blue water was shining from the light from the silver, full moon.
    • They couldn't tell what color his hair was under the hood of the robe, but his blue eyes shone with intelligence and calm.
    • Everything was bright; the sun shone serenely, birds sang, and clouds drifted across the perfect blue sky.
    • The sun shone very bright through the big window by the table.
    • The tiny colored tiles that outlined most of the symbols shone with the reflected light from the torches.
    • Her eyes shone with delight as she discovered a teddy, a soft dog, pens and sweets.
    • We watched the moon shine over the water and the stars coming out to fill the sky.
    • Outside the bright sun shines in through the open window catching the white of her skirt.
    • It was nothing special; a small glassy sphere that shone in the flickering light.
    • My mother's eyes shone with anger and she raised a hand up to strike me.
    • The sun was shining brightly through her window, slicing the darkness of her room with its sharp rays.
    • Feeling a bit lighter of mood today, and the sun is shining bright which helps a lot.
    • Her eyes shone with long-forgotten memories of a much happier time.
    • His hair shone in the light as he brushed it away from his face.
    • Outside the sun shone bright through the clouds, Anna fanned herself with her hand as she sat on the bed beside Victoria.
    • A tall guy stood at the front door, his sandy brown hair shining in the light.
    • The wind sculpts them into dramatic shapes; the ice refracts the light and the carvings shine bright, butterfly-wing neon blue from the inside.
    • A bolt of lightening hit in a very large building, then the clouds disappeared and the sun shone bright again.
    • For me, it made the sun shine as perhaps it never has before.
    • His eyes shone with an eagerness and joy that he didn't try to hide.
    • When he smiled, his white square teeth shone, reflecting bright sparks of light.
    • The sun was shining bright though this lunchtime, so I set off up Sauchihall street with my camera with the intention of taking many photos of things that took my fancy.
    • More powerful then any weapon shining and glowing in the dim light of the laboratory.
    • Mercury sets an hour after sunset on the 28th and shines at magnitude - 1.3.
    • The sea shone with reflected afternoon light, sending a few small waves questing up onto the sand.
    • This girl was so glum, her face seemed so void of emotions, yet her eyes clearly shone with immense sadness.
    • Her bright, vibrant eyes shone with gratitude as her steadfast gaze met Kynan's.
    • Her pale skin shone with reflected light, contrasting with her clothing which was all black.
    • Numerous candelabra protruded from the walls at regular intervals; these were unlit and the sun did not shine in the windows.
    • His bright, blue eyes shone with joy as he played, and he laughed aloud.
    • Nick's blond hair shone in the light, and his big blue eyes were magnified by his glasses.
    • When she didn't move, he smirked and his green eyes shone with mirth.
    • He bore always unhappiness in his heart, and his eyes shone with determination behind his spectacles.
    • Her eyes shone with life, and when she smiled, her face widened to become round, lovely, and dimpled.
    • Behind her, Jenny stood meekly and her eyes shone with sympathy.
    • Avoid wearing shiny watches or jewellery that shines or reflects light.
    • Early morning sun shone in the east windows, bringing warm light into the already sunny kitchen.
    • In response he laughed heartily and his eyes shone with amusement.
    • The moon shone bright and silver light showered through the clear pane.
    • Her eyes shone with bright adoration and what seemed to be respect.
    • He picked up his comb and began untangling his blonde hair, until it shone in the light and stood in place.
    • The head turned, and Ed's blue eyes shone with surprise at his visitor.
    • The sun was shining bright, and we had all of the windows open, allowing a nice breeze to fill the truck.
    • You could play the song and the sun would shine out into the windows even if it was raining.
    • Her blue eyes shone with happiness that only she could comprehend.
    • Her eyes shone with wisdom and determination that comes with age.
    • The sun shone surprisingly bright through the canopy of the trees to the floor of the autumn forest.
    • It sparkled and shone in the light that came from it, throwing rainbows all around.
    • Mary noted that William laughed a great deal, and that Clara's eyes shone with the lively merriment.
    • The darkened rooms on the south and west side are all aglow with moon shine.
    • His soft, straight hair shone in the dim glow from the outside light.
    • His hazel eyes shone with mirth as he looked at her and at that instant, the little girl had made up her mind that her hero was the bestest person in the universe.
    • A warm breeze blew through her hair causing it to shine in the light.
    • In the golden light, he glowed and shone like the child in an icon.
    • When we arrived in Cape Town the sun was shining down and the people were warm and welcoming.
    • Her flaxen hair shone in the dying light, creating a shimmering halo around her head and shoulders.
    • I am woken this morning by the sun shining into my window at six.
    • Elle answered the door, her bright blonde hair shining in the hall light.
  • 2

    to shine at sth destacar(se) en algo
    • the promotion gave her a chance to shine el ascenso le dio la oportunidad de destacar(se) / de brillar
    • For us, it's about seeing who's good at talking to strangers, who shines at networking, and who has good presentation skills.
    • He distinguished himself in Normandy's wars with its neighbours prior to 1066, and also shone at Hastings.
    • Vivaldi the red priest was an expert violinist but unlikely to have shone at the bassoon, as he was severely asthmatic.
    • His versatility is a huge asset having covered every defensive position in his short career, though he shines at centre-half.
    • He was a brilliant scholar - shining in English, Math, Science, theatre, what have you.
    • He dropped out of university to embark on a card-playing and gambling career, quickly shone at it, and has been doing it ever since.
    • He was the son of a servant of the Crown from a well-heeled South of England background, who shone at prep school but proved something of an academic flop later on.
    • Democracy shines at its resplendent best in periods of the deepest darkness.
    • Regarded as one of the most talented players in history, he shone at Manchester United, where he was top scorer for six consecutive seasons.
    • Both coaches are shining examples of how one can excel in tennis not by their social stature, but at the grass roots level with determination and passion.
    • He has gone from talented youngster with a few tricks up his sleeve to a quality all-round midfielder who has shone at the highest level.
    • All of this is inspired by the resolute Texan's shining example.
    • It's frightening to think that they, or any similar shining example of private enterprise, might have any role in the health service.
    • At school she shone at English, but was pretty useless at everything else - her words, not mine.
    • It stole our chance to take the big steps on the world stage that would have coloured us with brilliance and we could have sat there shining for the world to see.
    • But too much could be tough to take - he was such an upbeat, shining example.
    • The stars failed to sparkle but Bangalore found its own son shining brilliantly on Sunday morning.
    • I opened my laptop and showed her shining example after shining example of similarly awful dialogue.
    • I figure that I owe it to the little people to help lead them out of the fashion darkness by setting such a bright, shining example for them to follow.

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    to shine a light on sth alumbrar algo con una luz
    • he shone the flashlight right in my eyes me encandiló con la linterna
    • A stage hand shone another torch at his microphone stand, and the show continued by torchlight.
    • If you have ever shone a torch onto the back of your hand, you will know that your palm glows red.
    • Guards on the ground shone a torch in the man's face and eventually persuaded him to come down.
    • Stand outside the closed door on a dark night and shine a flashlight all around the edges of the door.
    • I went inside and shone the torch in the carrier bag.
    • However when the officer shone his torch over the side of the bridge he saw Claire further along the ledge.
    • I went to the carport and shone the torch between the carport bars aiming the beam under the car.
    • John went in first, slowly, shining a torch light ahead of him.
    • One of my guests had heard a noise in the living room and shone her torch and scared off the thieves right into the arms of the police.
    • I thought it was one of the calves but when I shone my torch on it I saw that it was the double wheels of a tractor.
    • Seconds later, a Garda shone his torch and we found them lying on the green area.
    • He came face to face with a man who shone a torch in his face.
    • Slowly I shone the torch around the perimeter of our camp.
    • She pulled out a small torch and shone the light into Collette's eyes.
    • A woman with a torch shone the light onto the water, following along the guardrail on-board, trying to spot a body.
    • It looks like you've just seen a horror movie and your mates shone a torch in your face and took the photo.
    • Josh was just about to say something when someone shone a torch at us.
    • One of her achievements as a writer was to shine light into the dark places.
    • I shone my torch in a sweep below me where I had last seen her.
    • Inside the many crevices, eyes glimmered back at me as I shone my torch.
  • 2past tense, past participle shined

    (brass/furniture) sacarle brillo a
    (brass/furniture) lustrar América Latina
    (shoes) limpiar
    (shoes) lustrar América Latina
    (shoes) embolar Colombia
    (shoes) bolear México
    • The outlaws were out and about, patching up their camp, shining swords, chopping wood… but nowhere did Laoise see Maeve.
    • If some angel appears to me and tells me I will spend eternity in heaven shining his shoes, I will weep with gratitude.
    • Someone sitting near me was shining his shoes to such a degree he could see his face on them.
    • I've watched some of them tip the locker-room attendant, the guy who shines their shoes all week long, as little as $20.
    • You really are a welcome sight, but I have disappointment in you, because you didn't shine my shoes, shoe shiner.
    • Their teachers will tell them that they cannot be made to shine the family's shoes or cannot be made to help dad at the garage - as I was.
    • He and his brother really did shine shoes after school to help support the family.
    • To shine patent leather, moisten a soft cloth with white vinegar and wipe clean all patent leather articles.
    • The walls were sheathed with finely shined wood, and plain white carpeting lined the floors.
    • Doesn't it make you ashamed, as you shine his shoes and fetch his laundry, to work with such a man.
    • It's a reprieve, a second chance to show you alone were the reason for your band's success, and that one day they'll be shining your shoes.
    • He didn't have to brush his hair if he didn't want to, or shine his shoes.
    • They had to clean, haul trash, launder, cook, shine shoes, and porter, and take the meanest wages for harsh, demeaning work.
    • Starting to win friends and influencing people should include shining your shines, or stopping by someone who shines shoes for a living.
    • But shining / polishing your shoes will make the leather last longer and look better.
    • I knew who he was because he shines shoes at a hotel close to my house and we had spoken before.
    • Rise early and shine your shoes with a get down baby dance like there's no today because tomorrow is the cut-out birthday crown made for the king.
    • His shoes were shined to perfection and his dark, just about black, hair had been combed tidily.
    • The only thing they can do for me is buy my records and shine my shoes.
    • Get a fresh haircut, trim your fingernails, and shine your shoes if needed.