Traducción de shining en Español:


brillante, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈʃʌɪnɪŋ//ˈʃaɪnɪŋ/


  • 1

    (eyes) brillante
    (eyes) luminoso
    (hair/metal) brillante
    (hair/metal) reluciente
    (metal/hair) lustroso
    they arrived in a shining white car llegaron en un coche blanco reluciente
    • this is a shining example of how … este es un magnífico ejemplo de cómo …
    • Light bounded off the lake, streamed across the high white ceilings, puddled on the shining wooden floors.
    • Christ in darkest night Has risen in shining glory.
    • There in the darkness was a solitary light shining.
    • The terracotta floor leads to a long bar overlooking the kitchen area, flanked by a beautiful armoire filled with glass shining in the sunlight.
    • He launched his load straight at the pavement where it fragmented into a thousand shining white droplets flying in a thousand different directions.
    • The light shining in their mirror or other polished objects may dazzle them.
    • The sun was shining, therefore aiding the visibility.
    • He turned to Michael, whose blue eyes were shining from the ride in the open carriage.
    • Small and dirty, but through the window, the sun is shining in.
    • Even if the sun is shining, chances are the puddles are ankle deep.
    • Since the bridge blocks much of the sunlight shining in the loft's direction, Brayton had to devise ways to warm the space from the inside.
    • He smoothly produces a wallet with a shining thing inside, a silver badge.
    • Through the window, he was not surprised to see the sun was shining.
    • We were all messy and wet, but the sun was shining and the adventure was fun.
    • One day, Nabil picked me up, his eyes shining.
    • It was a pleasant day, with the sun shining brightly.
    • The first sunbeams were shining brilliantly, spreading their golden glow over the calm water.
    • Snails all along the track, each on the shining path.
    • By the time he had finished, her eyes were shining with unshed tears of joy.
    • The two indoor pools were a bonus when the sun wasn't shining or when we just wanted a change of scenery.