Traducción de ship en Español:


barco, n.

Pronunciación /ʃɪp//ʃɪp/


  • 1

    barco masculino
    buque masculino
    embarcación femenino formal
    a sailing ship un velero
    • a passenger ship un barco / un buque de pasajeros
    • a container ship un buque portacontenedores
    • on board ship a bordo
    • a ship of the line un buque de guerra
    • the ship's company la tripulación
    • the ship's doctor el médico de a bordo
    • like ships that pass in the night como extraños

verbo transitivoshipped, shipping

  • 1

    • 1.1(send by sea)

      enviar por barco
      mandar por barco
      I'm having my trunk shipped out voy a mandar el baúl por barco
      • Furthermore, he was the first man who shipped peaches from the United States to Europe.
      • It takes another 12 days to ship goods directly from Tanjung Priok to Busan Port in South Korea.
      • The city currently spends $1.2 million annually to ship discarded bags to China for recycling.
      • Trade goods were shipped from French Atlantic ports to Quebec, then to Montreal, to be sold to small companies of traders licensed to deal with Native suppliers in the interior.
      • Community service, national service, shipping the offenders off to some far off land like Australia?
      • At 25 he joined the service and was shipped to the Philippines.
      • For quite a while I was a merchant, shipping goods to the Baronies, but when I saw what a fair town this was, I eventually decided to stay, and moved my collection here.
      • Arab roofers and master tilers were shipped from Morocco.
      • Studying the debacle of the spoiled shipment, he surmised that other companies shipping perishable goods to Asia must have had similar experiences.
      • Of course, we'll cut their benefits, combat pay and make it difficult to ship their goods home from their overseas postings.
      • If goods are shipped to or from the United States, this bill of lading shall be subject to US Carriage of Goods by Sea Act 1936.
      • During the spring of 1941, the plane was shipped to Britain and went into service with the Royal Air Force as a Hurricane Mark I.
      • From its piers Iraq began to ship the goods from those factories to buyers in other countries throughout the region.
      • In 1686 alone these colonies shipped goods worth over £1 million to London.
      • Nearly 40 percent of the containers are shipped back to California ports empty.
      • She said that Namibia's access to the sea via the port of Walvis Bay would be a bonus for Namibia to ship goods to the US via the Atlantic Ocean.
      • The Air Service shipped some 3,000 carpenters, bricklayers, and laborers to England to prepare these facilities.
      • Manila and the adjacent ports are the best equipped to ship manufactured goods.
      • If all else fails, the mafia hijack transports of cigarettes and alcohol and then ship the stolen goods into Britain.

    • 1.2(send)

      we ship goods anywhere in the country enviamos / despachamos mercancías a cualquier parte del país
      • When we speak of trade, we usually think of goods being shipped across borders.
      • It also owns transport companies, which are essential for shipping goods around the country.
      • Unbelievably, most of the 1.5 billion tons of hazardous cargo shipped across this country every year go unchecked.
      • Transportation costs had to be incurred to ship goods to consumers in proportion to their distance from producers.
      • For the same reasons, many U.S. online merchants, particularly smaller companies, do not currently ship goods to Canada.
      • For many years, material and bulk goods were shipped to military bases via rail, but now deliveries are made mostly by commercial trucks.
      • The construction company is shipping the goods to the town and is asking its customers to help with the appeal for goods and building materials.
      • A lot of our products are shipped by air.

  • 2

    (take on board)
    (goods/passengers) embarcar
    to ship oars subir / levantar los remos
    • to ship water hacer agua

verbo intransitivoshipped, shipping

  • 1

    (serve aboard a ship)
    trabajar como tripulante
    I shipped aboard as second mate in Singapore me embarqué como segundo oficial en Singapur