Traducción de shipment en Español:


envío, n.

Pronunciación /ˈʃɪpmənt//ˈʃɪpm(ə)nt/


  • 1

    envío masculino
    remesa femenino
    consignación femenino
    overseas shipments envíos al extranjero masculino
    • I must admit; I was not a pleasant person to be around until that next shipment of books came in.
    • I can say with certainty that a lot of arms shipments have arrived during this peace period.
    • The ban is expected to cause a number of problems, including a delay of two to three months before another shipment can be received.
    • The Communist insurgents are waiting on a massive arms shipment in which to topple the current regime.
    • We just received our first shipment, since they have resumed production, and they are as beautiful and well made as ever.
    • They have ultimate control over when the shipments arrive at a booth and when they are picked up.
    • He glanced back and saw the co-pilot looking out over the roads, probably looking to see if they had lost any of their shipment.
    • By product, mobile processor shipments increased 13.6 percent and desktop processor shipments climbed 13 percent.
    • A few hours after the shipment was delivered the place was stormed commando style.
    • In response, the West Coast trucks awaiting that shipment either left empty or sat idly for the two days.
    • It is likely he who, with partners, exported a large cloth shipment in 1405.
    • He once received a large shipment of American wheat for the kids in Shanti Bhavan.
    • The planned nuclear shipment is being opposed by nations along its route, and could be greeted by a flotilla of protest boats in the Irish Sea.
    • Listen, I'm going to be in the back cataloging the new shipment that just came in.
    • Pharmacists refused to accept shipment of this product because they thought it was impure.
    • After passing tests, the milk shipment is transferred from the tankers to six storage silos.
    • Yesterday was the day that we were supposed to be getting shipment of the influenza vaccine for the office.
    • Marilyn and Roma stood by the shelves working together to put away part of the latest shipment of new books.
    • And when wildlife inspectors intercept illegal shipments of endangered and threatened animals, he is the first person called.
    • The ban is expected to cause a delay of two to three months before another food shipment can be received.
    • The defendants resold part of one shipment of lumber and later complained that the lumber was defective and refused to pay for it.
  • 2

    ready for shipment listo para el embarque
    • lost in shipment perdido durante el transporte
    • Be sure to provide your street address and phone number for proper shipment.
    • Sometimes he finds temporary work, filling in at Biborton when someone is needed to take orders to Dhaka for shipment.
    • The lines converge at their ends, where a complete set of seats is palletized and put on a rack for shipment.
    • When no such enactment is in force in the country of shipment, Articles 1 to 8 of the Hague Rules shall apply.
    • The packing shed used for packing and sorting apples for shipment also houses a small retail area.
    • Instead we were invited to proceed to the payments page and enter credit card details for immediate shipment.
    • The finished pieces are crated and palletized for shipment by ocean freight.
    • This can be at the time of shipment - once it has obtained the transport documents evidencing shipment.
    • Most fishing companies take pride in that they do final product inspections prior to shipment.
    • There are several ivory carving factories in Douala, and I witnessed large carved tusks being wrapped for shipment to Italy.
    • These different market areas in turn imply that the average distance of shipment for different goods will be different.
    • All orders must have credit clearance from the Company prior to shipment or delivery.
    • All are being marketed to seed companies for application to seed before shipment to retailers.
    • These parts are usually assigned a lower priority, which often causes them to be delayed in shipment.
    • Some orders are stacked onto wheeled carts before shipment for ease of delivery in stores.
    • The fastest possible shipment would require five days and the use of three planes.
    • I'm sure that there are going to be some advantages for exporters and shipment businesses.
    • The bananas grown for export are suitable for being picked when only two-thirds ripe, and continue to ripen during shipment.