Traducción de shire en Español:


Pronunciación /ˈʃaɪ(ə)r//ˈʃʌɪə/


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    (in UK)
    the Shires los condados rurales de Inglaterra
    • But my favourite adjective here is ‘all-night’ - in the shires, you see, people sometimes get home from a party before midnight.
    • Our fellow guests, two couples from the Shires, join us and soon the house party is in full swing.
    • In the bar you might find yourself standing next to a TV personality, a Bristol barrister, an Italian actress or land-owning couple from the shires.
    • Middle England still exists, life goes on in the shires as it has for many centuries, people still work hard, toil the land and protect the countryside.
    • Unlike the Tories who are a regional party of the English shires, we can truly say we speak for the wider community in Britain.
    • Working, as I do, in the Shires, there are going to be patients who have strong religious views, and think ‘this is of the devil’ or whatever.
    • Its average member is 65 years old - mainly wealthy retirees concentrated in the rural Shires.
    • There's even a polite cheer from the family from the shires who are sitting directly behind us in the stalls.
    • I thought something similar happened with the Irish and the Welsh too, denied the prosperity of the ‘leafy shires of the south of England’.
    • But this is what took place two years ago in the heartland of England's shires.
    • True, you will have to charm the decrepit blimps and blue rinses from the shires into voting for you.
    • But no matter what the perspective - from shocked reader from the shires to shrill debunker from the radical left - no one ever seems to say exactly what it is they're objecting to.
    • Chaps who came double-barrelled in girth as well as surname, their powerbases were in the shires and they had had a good war.
    • The shires are up in arms, with many staging a campaign of passive resistance, only prepared to pay reasonable inflation-linked increases to their bills.
    • It looks like it's been written by a teenage girl from the shires.
    • We have a lot of buildings that were built over 100 years ago and cannot compare with the leafy shires.
    • To have the tally-hoes of the English shires coming in droves to Ireland's hunting counties would severely disrupt the relationship between the hunts and the landowners.
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    (in Australia)
    distrito rural masculino
    • And being a rural shire, that means a lot of driving.
    • In rural shires some councils need to be given a bit of leeway.
    • The bushfire season has started early this year and local shires are already in total fire ban status.
    • Lennox is the fastest growing area in the shire.
    • The first indigenous woman elected onto a shire council reflects on her years at the helm.
    • First elected as a shire councilor in the mid-1990's he resigned mid term.