Traducción de shirtfront en Español:


pechera, n.

Pronunciación /ˈʃəːtfrʌnt//ˈʃərtˌfrənt/


  • 1

    pechera femenino
    • The stiff interfacing that makes the collar work would make the shirt front too rigid to hang properly.
    • The burger started shedding lettuce shreds and tomato seeds down my shirt front.
    • I have always wondered about the best way to crack a crab, a method that won't leave your thumbs bruised and shirt front splattered.
    • The only time to tuck a napkin into a shirt front is when you are a guest at a crab feast or picnic.
    • On the shirt pattern, trim off the hem allowances on the sleeve and shirt front and back lower edges.
    • He jumped out of his chair, jostling a waiter who spilled coffee down Iger's shirt front, ruining his tie.
    • We are a small group of writers and we have long lunches and I usually end up with gravy down my shirt front.
    • With a gasp she buried her face in his shirt front.
    • As he drew close he noticed a red stain spreading on the dead man's shirt front.
    • He grabbed the man by his shirt front and pulled him to his feet.