Traducción de shocking en Español:


espeluznante, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈʃɑkɪŋ//ˈʃɒkɪŋ/


  • 1

    (report/news) espeluznante
    (news/report) horrible
    (news/report) horroroso
    • It was certainly a piece of shocking news in the business arena.
    • A recent Amnesty survey presented even more shocking statistics.
    • So I was subjected to a barrage of enquiries which included ‘What is the most shocking news you've ever heard?’
    • Last week Germany announced truly shocking unemployment figures.
    • They were in fear for his safety after watching television news reports showing the shocking effects of the floods in Mozambique - the worst for 40 years.
    • Schools cannot continue to turn a blind eye in light of these new shocking statistics.
    • But he's only just made the shocking revelation that he's gay.
    • But when I heard about the shocking news of Elizabeth's passing, I felt compelled to say a few words in her honor.
    • Then I saw the news ticker with the shocking news.
    • What makes this story truly shocking is that it comes as no surprise to the medical profession.
    • In files that have already been opened, some shocking discoveries have been made.
    • Three Sunday tabloids today make separate and equally shocking claims.
    • I am delighted that they will hear the shocking news - and this will be the first time they hear it, if they have not caught up with the news already - that another levy is coming their way.
    • And a Missouri family got a shocking surprise when they moved into their apartment.
    • With this shocking admission, our news team realized that the problem of fraudulent grading ran deeper than we had feared.
    • Waking up to the shocking news, however, most ended up staying home.
    • Of course, faced with this shocking news, congress is off to make sure that something is done right away!
    • It's a shocking indictment that 40 per cent of our remaining local ecosystems are at risk of extinction.
    • But people were upset at the shocking scenes of dead people and at the timing of the programme.
    • Michela recovered but only to find out more shocking news.
  • 2

    (weather/cough) espantoso
    (cough/weather) horrible
    she looked shocking estaba espantosa
    • And then he committed a shocking foul on the goalkeeper.
  • 3

    (language/behavior) escandaloso
    (behavior/language) vergonzoso
    it's shocking, the prices they charge es un escándalo / es escandaloso lo que cobran
    • This book is scandalous not because of shocking exposés, but rather because of its very publication.
    • Tournament officials conceded that the event could be cancelled entirely in the aftermath of the shocking atrocities that have sent shock waves across the world.
    • The result has been a mishmash that is neither shocking nor revolting or entertaining.
    • Here's the seller's final update explaining the real reason for his shocking behaviour.
    • We just had to deal with such a shocking, disgusting situation.
    • The offensive and shocking new program is a show for blokes about being a bloke and doing blokey things.
    • Fifteen years ago, the thought of cameras everywhere was shocking and abhorrent.
    • I can't remember who brought it up, probably me, being the sucker for punishment that I am, but we spoke about the other weekend, and my shocking behaviour therein.
    • There is some really shocking and disgusting stuff in this book.
    • That must start in school by backing teachers who take a stand against drink and drugs and the shocking behaviour of a minority.
    • Judging from the response of our viewers, they found it shocking.
    • Is this latest debacle so very shocking or appalling?
    • The ignorance towards the HIV issue in India that she exposes is both shocking and disturbing.
    • I found the ending to be both shocking and disturbing.
    • And it is very shocking, but it's also hilarious in some sense.
    • Such shocking behavior is unheard of in a Japanese classroom.
    • Slowly gathering up all her baggage, Mercedes muttered incoherently a number of rather shocking French curses.
    • The drama has been heavily trailered on the main channels, focusing on the shocking behaviour of one of the younger detectives, but there is more to it than that.
    • The shocking scandal about corruption at the customs was rekindled two months ago, yet nobody from the contract's opposition had ever said a word.
    • The corruption scandal has been deeply shocking many ordinary party members.