Traducción de shocking pink en Español:

shocking pink

rosa fosforito, adj.

Pronunciación ///ˈʃɑkɪŋ pɪŋk/


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    (invariable adjective) rosa fosforito
    (invariable adjective) rosa shocking


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    rosa fosforito masculino
    rosa shocking masculino
    • Canary yellow, shocking pink, electric blue and bright orange show off a joyful, forever-young attitude.
    • On this occasion she was wearing shocking pink hot pants and cowboy boots.
    • Over a glass of lemon tea in her office-cum-playroom, decorated in shocking pink and blue, I took a look at what true success has brought to this shy, retiring individual.
    • The sleeves, supported by a stainless steel structure, form wing-like shoulders, making the model appear like an angelic carnival dancer who stumbled into a giant vat of shocking pink paint.
    • In other stalls you can find shocking pink fabric covered with Chinese symbols, a record as old as your grandfather and silver jewelry.
    • Oversized shocking pink bears filled the backdrop, plastic watches and cheap costume brooches and bangles were crammed in the front showcase.
    • Can you even imagine squeezing electric blue or shocking pink margarine on your toast in the morning?
    • A new energy emerged from some of the glaring colors, such as shocking pink, scotchlight yellow, bright orange and lime green.
    • The CD itself is a luscious shade of shocking pink.
    • The interior design would not be to everyone's taste, particularly the shocking pink and black kitchen.
    • Standing by were stepladders, sieves and sacks of sawdust, dyed peacock, emperor, yellow, emerald, shocking pink and black.
    • No one is credited in the program for costumes, but their emphasis on bold, solid colours: red, green and shocking pink are appropriately evocative of comic books.
    • Flowers of shocking pink seem poised to burst out of the canvas.
    • The singer wore shocking pink and the other band members donned powder blue.
    • The relish will be thick, creamy, chunky and shocking pink!
    • The vessel, painted in royal blue with white wheelhouse and just a touch of shocking pink on top, is currently moored in the channel at Rosses Point.
    • The oddest color I think I've seen was a fluorescent shocking pink compound that turned up in the lab next door when I was an undergraduate.
    • Debbie stared in bewilderment at the principal, who had dyed her hair a shocking pink.
    • In the midst of my surprise I am vaguely aware of another shocking pink object in my peripheral vision, moving rapidly towards me.
    • You can see them in the streets of Shiraz, flashes of shocking pink or blue kicking out from under their demur black chador.