Traducción de shoehorn en Español:


calzador, n.

Pronunciación /ˈʃuːhɔːn//ˈʃuˌhɔrn/


  • 1

    calzador masculino
    • We also supply intimate items - shoehorns, toothbrushes and toothpaste - and our laundry bags are linen, not plastic.
    • Kisembo is wearing green rubber boots and has brought, as a symbol of his power, a shoehorn adorned with a lion's head.
    • The firm buys cow horn, which is a by-product of the meat industry, and uses it to produce items such as spoons, walking sticks and shoehorns.
    • The average airline ticket in the U.S. should come with a shoehorn to help wedge you into the seat.
    • The sparkling clean room has four lockers, each with wooden coat hangers, a lower compartment for shoes, with complimentary shoehorn, and an upper compartment for personal effects.
    • Use a long-handled shoehorn if you have trouble putting on shoes.
    • If you look at the bag with a transmitted x-ray, you can make out various things - a radio, a shoehorn, shaving cream.
    • Whoever wins is going to need a really big shoehorn.
    • And when buses finally arrive, they are often packed so full of people that we wish our Metropasses had come equipped with a shoehorn.
    • Aids include shoehorns with an extension handle, devices that help you pull up hosiery, shoes you close with Velcro rather than with shoelaces, and tools that grip buttons and zippers.
    • My laptop, my picture ID and credit cards, a shoehorn, a small flashlight, and a good book to read - are just a few other must-haves.
    • Finding a comfortable spot for a nap in a passenger terminal is like trying to find a Bedouin shoehorn salesman.
    • After much struggling and battling with the shoehorn he finally got the shoes on.