Traducción de shooting en Español:


tiroteo, n.

Pronunciación /ˈʃudɪŋ//ˈʃuːtɪŋ/


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    • 1.1

      (exchange of fire) tiroteo masculino
      (exchange of fire) balacera femenino América Latina
      (exchange of fire) baleo masculino Chile
      (shots) tiros masculino
      (shots) disparos masculino
      • But it is understood that two reported shootings in the area are connected with the growing drugs trade.
      • The live firing practices included rapid-fire shoots enabling reconnaissance members to practice accurate instinctive shooting.
      • And what led to this fatal shooting of an airline passenger?
      • And with that he walked away through the crowd that had gathered to practice their shooting.
      • Officers found a juvenile who witnessed the shooting, but they would not elaborate.
      • The number of shootings of civilians is skyrocketing.
      • You've been practicing your shooting in here again, haven't you?
      • Incidents involving police shootings of these individuals have led to inquiry after inquiry.
      • Federal Bureau of Investigation officials are investigating both shootings as hate crimes.
      • Police classified the incident as a random drive-by shooting.
      • Today, school shootings are occurring at an alarming frequency.
      • The parking lot where the shooting happened is an open, public, unsecured area.
      • Eight of the fatal shootings have occurred in Dublin, while two have taken place in Limerick.
      • Throughout the invasion and occupation there has been torture, dawn raids and shootings of civilians.
      • A difficult wait for a community very concerned about an unexplained fatal shooting of one of its citizens, and that wait over tomorrow.
      • Numerous school shootings occurred in the 1980s and 1970s.
      • Many people witness the shooting but no one does anything to confront the militiamen.
      • The drive-by shooting began much earlier than her nephew thought.
      • Police are continuing to investigate potential links with a number of other gangland style shootings.
      • ‘This shooting could have had fatal consequences,’ he said.

    • 1.2

      (killing) asesinato masculino
      (execution) fusilamiento masculino

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    • 2.1(hunting)

      caza femenino
      • The inaugural games of the modern Olympics, held in Athens in 1896, included shooting, and the sport has been part of the Commonwealth Games since 1966.
      • As Britain's largest country sports organisation, BASC is committed to providing training in the safe use of guns to young people interested in taking up the sport of shooting.
      • Field sports, including shooting, stalking and fishing, have long been an integral part of life in Scotland and many disciplines are synonymous with the country itself.
      • A gamekeeper who works for a private estate in the valley said other country sports like fishing and shooting were threatened if a ban was introduced.
      • He told me he also enjoys trap and skeet shooting with his daughters.
      • Weightlifting and even sports such as fencing and shooting may also have cause for concern.
      • We expected medals in hockey, tennis, long jump and shooting.
      • At one time, I felt the socializing aspect of cowboy shooting should be played down.
      • He had a great interest in sport, especially fishing, boxing, coursing shooting and soccer.
      • Many of these competitors began the sport of shooting with air guns bought from local shops.
      • Gary added: ‘The air weapons section is growing and we hope to be a competitive force in the sport of shooting.’
      • Do not expect to feel up to a little grouse shooting when you disembark.
      • Fish shooting is a sport in Vermont and every spring, hunters break out their artillery and head to the marshes to exercise their right to shoot fish.
      • My friend did some skeet shooting from various stands, I guess you call them.
      • Cowboy action shooting doesn't have a lot of negatives about it.
      • More than an antique gun club, cowboy action shooting is a sport devoted to preserving the styles and ideals as well as the weapons of the Old West.
      • For the more active there is an adjacent 18 hole golf course and other outdoor pursuits such as archery and clay pigeon shooting are possible in the grounds.
      • Cowboy shooting is taking the country by storm.
      • The association says grouse shooting conserves both the birds and the heather.
      • In fact, gun ownership or enjoyment of sport shooting doesn't seem to be tied to wealth or social class at all.

    • 2.2British (land)

      coto de caza masculino
      vedado de caza masculino

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    rodaje masculino
    filmación femenino