Traducción de shop window en Español:

shop window

escaparate, n.


  • 1

    escaparate masculino
    vitrina femenino América Latina
    aparador masculino México América Central Colombia
    vidriera femenino Río de la Plata
    • By the early 1970s, wooden mythological figurines began to appear in his shop window between his kidneys and his chops.
    • Lady Victoria Burnsley walked down the cobbled streets of London, stopping occasionally to admire a dress in a shop window or converse with a friend.
    • When we got closer to the store, I stopped in front of a shop window.
    • Her shop window, in the electorate of the Minister of Police, had been ram-raided by people wanting drugs, and they got them.
    • Making her way onto the main street, she found a shop window and inspected her appearance.
    • Residents can see the proposed planning guidelines for developers on display in a shop window next to Silver End library, for five weeks from today.
    • With a sigh, Lucien paused to press his nose against a bakery shop window.
    • My husband jokes every time we pass by a shop window because I have to stop and be amazed at the sparkles.
    • In 1993 he hypnotised a man in a Liverpool shop window to sleep, on display, for eight continuous days.
    • The council objected to a window design that was not in sympathy with the traditional shop windows or cottage windows of the vicinity and the application was refused.
    • I pointed at a hideous poofy pink dress in a nearby shop window.
    • Pretending to stop and look in a shop window, he turned quickly and set his back against a wall as they came up, knowing that they had come for him.
    • People in Dublin stood in stunned silence outside of a shop window displaying dozens of televisions playing the surreal images.
    • A silver-coloured female torso displayed in the shop window attracts a lot of attention from the street.
    • It's also a shop window for talent scouts from top English clubs, of course, so the prospects are bright indeed for the Cushlough man.
    • One day a man looked in a shop window and saw the accordion: black enamel, ivory keys, mother of pearl buttons.
    • But then if you see a pair of shoes in a shop window and decide to purchase them you have entered into a legal contract in that he will give you a pair of shoes worthy of their purpose and you will give him the cash.
    • Bananas were displayed in a London shop window - the first time the fruit had been seen in Britain.
    • Claire's cake is currently on display in the shop window, but Suzanne warns it's not as mouth-watering as it looks.
    • The woman sighed gruffly and pushed her cart towards a store shop window, where several televisions sets were being displayed.