Traducción de shopworker en Español:


empleado de tienda, n.

Pronunciación /ˈʃɒpwəːkə/


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    empleado de tienda masculino
    empleada de tienda femenino
    • The sad reality is that many shopworkers now consider abuse as ‘part of the job’, as it happens regularly, often daily, in many shops and stores.
    • Another shopworker in the village said: ‘This is quite awful, my boyfriend is in the RAF and you are left wondering if the people who have died are friends' husbands or other people you might know.’
    • Carol Riddle, 52, a shopworker, said: ‘I know most of my colleagues voted BNP.’
    • It is alleged he's threatened to kill some shopworkers.
    • Trisha Staerck, crime reduction officer at Witham police station, said it was an attempt to reduce retail crime in the town and to make shopworkers and customers feel safer.
    • A campaign to stem the rising levels of violence and verbal abuse facing shopworkers has been backed by Leigh MP Andy Burnham.
    • He said: ‘I am appalled by the number of incidents of violence and abuse that shopworkers have to deal with on practically a daily basis.’
    • Police have issued an appeal for three witnesses who may be able to provide clues to the abduction and assault of a Sheffield shopworker.
    • The North Yorkshire Police inquiry has spread across the country since the 19-year-old shopworker was last seen by her parents, Brian and Ann Nicholl, on June 30 at the family home in Richmond.
    • Holidaying couples, shopworkers and commuters are making parking for Feltham residents a nightmare, but after two years of waiting, residents have banded together to call for action.
    • That is the kind of Christmas Day that we want for Britain's 2.6 million shopworkers.
    • In October another shopworker was subjected to a similar ordeal by a knife-wielding raider.
    • Police were today hunting a robber who threatened a shopworker and escaped with a ‘substantial’ sum of cash.
    • Although detectives were aware that the shopworker was in immediate danger, they did not know why he was being targeted.
    • Shopworkers want to be with their families at this time of year, not stuck behind some checkout.
    • Violence against shopworkers rose substantially last year, according to a new report.
    • A young shopworker's fear that she could not provide for her unborn baby drove her to crime, York magistrates heard.
    • The bonuses can vary from a few hundred pounds for a shopworker to several thousand for a head office manager.
    • Mr Nicholl, 48, yesterday urged his daughter's wide circle of friends to come forward with any information that could yield vital clues about the 19-year-old shopworker.
    • So when you go shopping on a Saturday, spare a thought for the shopworkers.