Traducción de shorten en Español:


acortar, v.

Pronunciación /ˈʃɔrtn//ˈʃɔːt(ə)n/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (make shorter)
    (skirt/sleeves) acortar
    (text/report) acortar
    (report/text) abreviar
    plans to shorten the working week planes para reducir la jornada laboral
    • to shorten sail reducir velas
    • to shorten the odds aumentar las probabilidades
    • It's how you cope with the injuries that either extends or shortens your career.
    • Smoking shortens lives; alcohol ruins them too.
    • The queue moves and shortens and eventually empties out.
    • With less flexibility at the hip and ankle, your stride will shorten.
    • After 1900, everyday skirts were increasingly shortened to allow the shape and action of women's legs to form part of their complete clothed image.
    • Labourers in the sugar fields embarked on a series of strikes to raise their wages, shorten their hours, and withdraw women and children from field work.
    • In the fall and as winter approaches, the days shorten and temperatures drop.
    • Skirts are observed to shorten in boom times and lengthen during recessions.
    • Elevating the heels only serves to shorten the calf muscles in the long term and will alter the body's posture and mechanics.
    • Do you think Setta needs to shorten his stride when approaching the ball on field goals?
    • Because the smocking is done as an insert rather than at the top of the skirt front piece, the skirt length will need to be shortened.
    • Dawson's face brightened considerably when he saw his sister and best friend, and immediately he stood, striding to shorten the gap between them.
    • At the moment it is legal for doctors to administer large doses of drugs to terminally ill patients in pain and distress, knowing that the medication shortens their lives.
    • The stairwell is double height so that shortens any floorspace on the first floor as well.
    • Until then, or until such times as the team's injury list shortens, Stark must rely on hope or good fortune to deliver that precious commodity.
    • Every cigarette shortens your life by 14 minutes
    • The days are shortening and we see less of the sun, but temperatures have stayed high enough to prolong the blooming of even tender specimens such as dahlias and impatiens, which would succumb overnight to a frost.
    • When the days start to shorten and night temperatures dip, do you often look over longingly at your neighbor's greenhouse, wishing you too could keep plants producing into the fall?
    • Other community groups complain that construction companies don't take the proper care around the trees, which also shortens their lives.
    • Last year, as his foot and ankle pain increased, he shortened his stride significantly, making it easier for defenders to trip him up.
  • 2

    (pastry) agregarle mantequilla a
    (pastry) agregarle grasa a

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    (nights/days) acortarse
    the odds have shortened las probabilidades han aumentado