Traducción de shorthand typist en Español:

shorthand typist

taquimecanógrafo, n.



  • 1

    taquimecanógrafo masculino
    taquimecanógrafa femenino
    taquimeca femenino coloquial
    • He trained as a shorthand typist before joining paper manufacturers James R Crompton and Brothers in the mid-1930s, around the time he married his wife Florence.
    • He left school at 14 with no qualifications and trained as a shorthand typist, a common role for men in the early 20th century.
    • For the past three years I had led a very prosaic, dull existence as a shorthand typist in a London office, and at the time of my leaving I had a fairly responsible job, being in charge of three copy typists who were junior to me.
    • Carole, a former shorthand typist and clerk at Bury Brothers accountants in Accrington, was with her husband David, son Richard, 14, and his friend.
    • Preston-born Mr Etherington left school at 14 and trained as a shorthand typist before becoming a lawyer's clerk.
    • They wouldn't have been able to entrap their victims or dispose of their bodies without a car, a relative luxury for a stock control clerk and a shorthand typist in those days.
    • After leaving school at 15 she joined Barclays in 1954 as a shorthand typist.
    • Getting writer's cramp in the midst of What Maisie Knew, Henry James hired a shorthand typist and his style changed accordingly.
    • In her late twenties my mother became (thanks to the Pitman School) a shorthand typist.
    • Born in Leeds, Gladys spent most of her working life as a shorthand typist before finally retiring at the age of 67, having lived in various parts of the country, including Harrogate and Trowbridge.