Traducción de shortstop en Español:


short stop, n.

Pronunciación /ˈʃɔrtˌstɑp//ˈʃɔːtstɒp/


  • 1

    (in baseball, position)
    short stop masculino
    paracorto masculino Venezuela Colombia
    paradas cortas femenino México
    • Writers no longer take note of the assists credited to a shortstop or second baseman.
    • The batter hit a lazy fly ball which the shortstop easily reached just behind second base.
    • You see a lot of guys going from shortstop to second base in the big leagues, but you never really see the opposite.
    • We have five shortstops in the minor leagues who are going to be major league players.
    • I started as a shortstop and was second in fielding and hitting in the League.
  • 2

    (player, in baseball)
    torpedero masculino
    torpedera femenino
    parador en corto masculino México
    paradora en corto femenino México