Traducción de shoulder-high en Español:


Pronunciación ///ˈˌʃoʊldər ˈhaɪ/


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    to carry sb shoulder-high llevar a algn en / a hombros
    • The players themselves were carried shoulder-high from the pitch at the end as the blue-and-white decked Queens' supporters swamped their heroes at full time before they were showered with the customary champagne celebrations.
    • His clothes were soaked from falling in the river trying to pull his snowmobile through shoulder-high snow.
    • One of the more uncouth retorts was delivered by a hitter when the ump called a strike on a shoulder-high fastball.
    • He watched, agonized, as the floundering horses found their footing in shoulder-high water and drove forward, blundering through the ice-crusted shallows.
    • This boy, clad in a disheveled sailor's tunic and winter coat fit for a bear, stood no more than shoulder-high to me.
    • Two are large-model size, with little carriages to ride in and a shoulder-high locomotive with just room for a driver in a tiny cab, shovelling tiny coals into a boiler by his knees.
    • But there was nothing staged about the victory celebration as a triumphant Tom Hayes, was held shoulder-high.
    • Paul Temple pushes through a field of shoulder-high oilseed rape and twists one of the plants back to show me.
    • After three days of preparation, the statue is carried shoulder-high along the streets of the city or village in a parade like procession, including bands and church bells.
    • A shoulder-high backswing and finish will help make sure I get the right amount of acceleration on the downswing but will keep me from overswinging.
    • Find a tree with a healthy shoulder-high branch at least as thick as your thigh and capable of supporting your weight.
    • Maninderjit Singh scored off a penalty stroke in the 12 th minute after English defender Jon Wyatt raised his stick shoulder-high to deflect a ball going into the goal.
    • Gary Payton was allowed to throw a perfect, shoulder-high delivery to Fisher.
    • At the cemetery, Mwale's casket was lifted shoulder-high by boxers who, as a mark of respect for their departed hero, carried it from Leopards Hill Road up to the graveside in preparation for burial.
    • The delighted Murphy was carried shoulder-high into the winner's enclosure by the equally-happy owners.
    • At the top of the last little bump, they could see the shoulder-high summit sign illuminated by the first light of day.
    • His attention was drawn away, however, when he noticed the shoulder-high easel parallel to the partly-opened window.
    • The east side of the yard is all shoulder-high sun-loving perennials.
    • The highest accolade a matador can receive is to be carried out, shoulder-high, from the ring's main gate by an excited crowd.


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    to stand shoulder-high to sb llegarle al hombro a algn
    • the shelf is shoulder-high el estante está a la altura del hombro