Traducción de shoulder blade en Español:

shoulder blade

omóplato, n.


  • 1

    omóplato masculino
    • It attaches to the back of your upper arm and your shoulder blade.
    • One worker was knocked unconscious and sustained head injuries, a broken shoulder blade and a fractured spine.
    • The main shoulder joint is formed by the arm bone and the shoulder blade.
    • When your upper arm moves, your shoulder blade almost always has a corresponding movement.
    • The defense was hurt significantly when Butler was sidelined by a broken shoulder blade in 2001.
    • With her right shoulder blade broken in the Monday melee, she is joining the plaintiffs in the ACLU suit.
    • The human shoulder blade is a thin triangle of bone with a thick crest along one edge, and a shallow, concave joint surface in one corner.
    • Slinging my bag over my shoulder blade I rushed outside only to collide with some moron wearing sun glasses.
    • His shoulder blade hit first and forced him to tumble across the track.
    • Draw your right shoulder blade upward and back to lift your arm slightly.
    • She picked him up by his shirt and slammed him against the window frame, then punched his shoulder blade.
    • The team also discovered parts of a thigh bone, ribs, vertebrae, a collarbone, pelvis and shoulder blade.
    • As you row, pinch your shoulder blade toward the midline of your body and slightly rotate your torso.
    • Think of squeezing your shoulder blade toward your spine at the top, pulling your elbow as high as possible.
    • When you move your arm, how does that affect your shoulder blade?
    • But because he broke his left shoulder blade in October, his health is a concern.
    • Can you reach up past your shoulder blade that way?
    • There's an exit wound through your shoulder blade and through your lower back.
    • I had no idea that people were reporting I had broken my shoulder blade.
    • He let his fingers linger, rubbing at the edge of my shoulder blade.