Traducción de shove en Español:


empujar, v.

Pronunciación /ʃəv//ʃʌv/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (push roughly)
    he tried to embrace her, but she shoved him away trató de abrazarla pero lo apartó de un empujón
    • they shoved her out of the way la quitaron de en medio a empellones / a empujones
    • we shoved the table to one side empujamos la mesa a un lado
    • shove the bed up against the wall empuja la cama contra la pared
    • to shove one's way abrirse paso a empujones
    • During the questioning they would push and shove me.
    • As I stand in shock, Riley pushes me to the side and then forcefully shoves me into a chair.
    • People were pushing and shoving each other at the end of the hall for better spots in the lines to use the bathrooms.
    • Liz placed both of her hands on his shoulders, tried to shove him away but failed miserably.
    • Damien managed to wrestle the boy away and shove him roughly against the wall, hand over his throat.
    • She kept pushing at his chest, shoving him closer and closer to the road as she yelled.
    • She pushed her ahead then shoved her into the bathroom, shutting and locking the door behind them.
    • Gail is pushing me away but someone else shoves me out the way too.
    • She quickly turned away as I felt firm hands on my shoulder shove me back into the hard wall.
    • I was shoved out of the way and pushed into the space between the toilet and tub.
    • A few people shoved me to the side but I pushed my way back to face Devon again.
    • Inhaling deeply Samantha started pushing and shoving people out of her way mercilessly.
    • She spat at him angrily, shoving him roughly away from her, not wanting his friendly, compassionate touch.
    • When she was satisfied that he was preoccupied she pushed with all her strength, shoving Eric off her and onto the floor.
    • The boy rushes over and shoves him again into the beam, snapping it in half completely.
    • Andy and I got into a bit of a row about something and began pushing and shoving one another.
    • Prisoners were pushing and shoving each other trying to get a better view of what was going on.
    • Finally, he was shoved down into a chair and his ankles were handcuffed to the legs of the chairs.
    • He stepped forward, and as he had hoped, Domenech shoved him back with a firm push to the chest.
    • But one, a muscular young man, was far from happy, yelling, angrily holding his arm, he began pushing and shoving me.
  • 2coloquial

    he tried to shove the blame onto me me quiso cargar el muerto coloquial
    • shove it
    • I told him he could shove it le dije que se lo metiera (por) donde le cupiese
    • After pulling his shorts up to his waist, he carelessly shoved the jump suit into the closet.
    • She moved to the massive cherrywood table and began to shove her notebooks and text books into her leather backpack.
    • I shove the book back into my bag and stare into space for a while.
    • You're probably on track when you imply I can shove it if I don't like it.
    • He was so sexy, I thought absently as I shoved my six inch book into my old blue locker.
    • Take your macho bravado and shove it.
    • I just picked up all my books and shoved them into my locker as fast as my body could work.
    • He looked over again and smiled before shoving them carelessly in his book bag.
    • Skipping her morning shower, she threw on some clothes and gathered her books, shoving them in her bag on her way downstairs.
    • I picked up my books, shoving my papers back into the file, and walked out of the bathroom, acting as if nothing had happened.
    • This is why an artist should do their own thing, and tell their managers to shove it when they offer ‘helpful’ advice.
    • And tell those collaborationist bastards to shove it too, for that matter.
    • I settled for shoving my hands in my pockets and staring at the Ghiradelli shop I was standing across the street from.
    • In my case I told them to shove it and said I would just keep deleting the bogus e-mails being rejected by other ISP servers.
    • Decisively, I shove all of my books into my bag, making sure to create as much racket as possible while doing so.
    • Ryan tossed his black messenger bag on the desk and shoved his binder and books into it.
    • And I have had other people talking about me being just, you know, disgusting and they can shove it.
    • She shoved her place marker into the book of spells she had been absorbed in and snapped it closed.
    • Would it be possible for us to send a message and tell them to take their oil and shove it?
    • Gathering his books together, he shoved them into his bag and slung it over his shoulder.
    • Langley muttered darkly under her breath and shoving her hands in her pockets, started off towards the town.
    • I had just shoved my Precalculus book into my backpack when I felt a sharp poke in my back.
    • What did you think of your stepmother telling somebody to shove it?
    • Sara shoved her math books on the shelf and stuffed a blue lunchbag into her backpack.
    • He leans against a wall carelessly and shoves his hands into his pockets.
    • I licked my lips and shoved the last of my books into my locker.
    • She ran and grabbed her book bag, shoving everything in quickly.
    • I pulled them out of my bag and ate three, shoving the rest back.

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    stop shoving! ¡no empujes!
    • everyone was pushing and shoving todo el mundo andaba a (los) empujones / a (los) empellones
    • they shoved at the door, but it wouldn't open empujaron la puerta pero no se abrió


  • 1

    empujón masculino
    empellón masculino
    to give sth/sb a shove darle un empujón a algo/a algn
    • Jamie gave Alex a shove in the shoulder, pushing him toward the side gate.
    • With a great shove, he pushed them open and gasped at the sight.
    • She was being woken with a soft shove on her shoulder.
    • She gave him a shove before running back towards her room.
    • He handed me back the phone and gave my shoulders a shove.
    • With a shove, Stephanie pushes Jessica sideways onto the bed and moves to the telephone keeping her gun keenly trained on Jessica.
    • From behind me, a rough shove almost knocked me off my feet.
    • ‘You don't look so bad yourself’ I said while giving him a playful shove on the shoulder.
    • A few well timed shoves jolted the wooden crate that had barred the exit, leading them all up into the eerie silent Southwestern portion of La Fortaleza's courtyard.
    • It is a robust style in which tugs, nudges, charges and shoves are given and received, but there is far more to Sutton than that.
    • A large group of people race toward Austin Wolf to get in front of the line with pushes and shoves, in order to reach the stage steps first.
    • With a shove, I pushed him out of my car and drove off.
    • Mallinder might have added that Sale could have inflicted even more damage on their opponents had safety concerns not restricted them to only the gentlest of shoves in the scrum.
    • He shouted, recovering quickly from her shove and pushing her back equally hard.
    • With a strong shove, they were pushed away from the dock and out into the murky waters.
    • With a strong shove, he slides the book over to her.
    • He started to walk past me, out of the kitchen, but I blocked him, giving him a little shove on the shoulders.
    • She gave his shoulder a playful shove, and left her hand there.
    • Then, after giving Estes a slight shove, she turns to the rest of us.
    • I gave her a shove on her shoulder to see if it would rouse her.