Traducción de shovel en Español:


pala, n.

Pronunciación /ˈʃʌv(ə)l//ˈʃəvəl/


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    pala femenino
    a shovel of earth una palada de tierra
    • Sharpen hoes, spades, shovels etc. with an angle grinder on a new file.
    • We've traded in our snow shovels for kayaks and intend to make the most of our new home.
    • Hand tools such as spades, shovels, sickles etc, which currently attract a 16 per cent excise duty will also be fully exempt.
    • ‘We can sell you snow shovels in Minnesota while we're selling you raincoats in Tampa and suntan lotion in Hawaii,’ Nooney says.
    • After propping the shovel against the side of the building, I stamped the snow off my shoes and stepped into the warmth of the office, closing the door against the cold.
    • To give relief to farmers, he announced a series of measures including total exemption from excise duty on tractors, dairy machinery and hand tools like spades and shovels.
    • All rescuers and volunteers had to use were shovels, picks and spades.
    • Individuals don't know where their ice scrapers, snow shovels, winter boots and hats are.
    • We will find work for you all, and please if you can bring a spade or shovel, brush or knife to work with.
    • You might ask similar questions about the Super Bowl, restaurants, and why snow shovels don't cost more when there is a blizzard.
    • Time to put your rakes away and get your snow shovels ready!
    • There were picks, shovels, knives, swords and axes.
    • Much of the work is done manually using basic tools like hammers, shovels, axes and mammoties, a spade-like implement common throughout Sri Lanka.
    • The shovel's blade carved a little trail in the snow and he tried to step only in that trail, not sure why it mattered but anxious not to stray outside the parallel lines.
    • Make sure you have snowmelt and a snow shovel on hand.
    • Digging tools like rakes, shovels, pitch forks and spade are some of the basic tools used by professional gardeners as well as beginners.
    • He comes over the snow with a shovel and an old dog and scoops up a heap of bare soil left by the moles at night.
    • A good man to handle a shovel or spade, Eddie went quietly about his business, a gentleman throughout his life.
    • An electric bench grinder is the most efficient way to recover the cutting edges on shovels, spades, hoes, and lawn mower blades.
    • Grace selected two lilacs and placed them on the fresh mound of dirt before picking up her shovel and moving on to dig the next grave.
  • 2power shovel

    • 2.1

      excavadora femenino

    • 2.2(scoop)

      pala femenino
      • The JCBs on offer have large shovels on hydraulic arms, and you operate them from within a perspex cabin atop a pair of tank-style tracks.
      • On any construction site you see hydraulically-operated machinery in the form of bulldozers, backhoes, shovels, loaders, fork lifts and cranes.
      • If you are mining by open pit, your haul trucks and shovels will be diesel or electric.
      • Two workmen and a mechanical shovel would sort out the whole sorry mess in one weekend at a tiny fraction of the stupid price they are talking about for a bridge.
      • A mechanical shovel was used to load lorries resulting in the decimation of the surface.
      • Carefully watching the soil flowing around the front cultivator shovels and crop plants helps the operator to keep the shovels adjusted precisely where they need to be.

verbo transitivoshovelled, shovelling, shoveled, shoveling

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    (coal) palear
    (snow) espalar
    they shoveled a path through the snow abrieron un camino con la pala en la nieve
    • to shovel sand into a pile amontonar arena con una pala
    • he shoveled his food down engulló / se zampó la comida
    • It was Christmas Eve and Joey was supposed to be shoveling the snow.
    • In 1802 the City leaders ordered the levelling of the adjacent Bunker Hill, shovelling the earth and rocks into the pond.
    • I looked down to the ground and saw Henry shoveling some snow.
    • As soon as they were up we shoveled snow over the flaps, placed rocks on top, and then one person crawled inside to get the cooking gear set up.
    • I told him to stop shoveling the snow off until I told him when they could continue.
    • Every now and then the two firemen would shovel coal in to the boilers.
    • He survived the Bataan Death March and was forced to spend over two years shovelling coal in a mine operated by a Japanese firm.
    • She went out and helped the boys shovel snow out of the drive and part of the street.
    • Both are better off if the child next door shovels the snow.
    • Firemen shovel coal on to the fire in the cab and make sure there is enough water in the boiler, while also watching out for any track obstructions.
    • Once the first few inches of ice formed, men were put on the ice to shovel any snow that fell.
    • I stood outside my small office on the corner of Union and Crescent Streets, shoveling the snow off the walkway.
    • Bending over, she shoveled ashes over the coals, smothering all light.
    • In his 1911 book, The Principles of Scientific Management, Taylor had written about Schmidt, whose job was to shovel coal.
    • Marcus opened up a bin of coal and began to shovel the black substance into the top of the blast furnace.
    • Since he cannot shovel snow because of his heart condition she ‘struggles to do this’.
    • I hurried to the graveyard at the edge of town, where I found Tortola's uncle shoveling damp earth over her coffin.
    • I would have shoveled snow for an hour if I had had to.
    • Have your kids help shovel the snow off the driveway and use that excess snow to build a huge snow fort.
    • Amelie's father, Jean-Francois and mother, Dominique shovelled earth around the base of the young tree, watched by her sister, Virginie.