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Pronunciación /ˈʃəʊstɒpə//ˈʃoʊˌstɑpər/



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    to be a (real) showstopper causar sensación
    • his cousin's a real showstopper su prima es de las que paran el tráfico
    • Handelian arias were either brilliant vocal displays or sustained sublime showstoppers.
    • All the talent in them went into the songs and the dialogue was left to stretch unnaturally between show-stoppers.
    • The onion soup is another showstopper, rich and sweet from caramelized onions.
    • Formal evening gowns are elegant and can be showstoppers.
    • Blue-flowered ‘Ascotiensis’ is another showstopper, while pristine white ‘John Huxtable’ looks especially striking grown through an evergreen.
    • The cake was the real showstopper: two-tiered and dense with chocolate mousse and ganache.
    • It's a show-stopper, in the vein of Rimsky-Korsakov's Schéhérazade - lots of exciting climaxes and slightly sweet melancholy.
    • Their recurved petals, lovely long stamens and distinctive center markings make Oriental lilies showstoppers in any floral arrangement.
    • A high spot was definitely a young cellist, Stefan Handjiev, in National Radio's Christmas Concert - an absolute show-stopper.
    • Sheldon is a recognized birding site. Various species of mammals, amphibians and reptiles are common, and not the least of the show-stoppers is the American alligator.
    • Old double-winged aircraft and Spitfires practice their showstoppers over our valley before annual air shows.
    • Following are simple professional tips from the Netherlands Flower Bulb Information Center in New York City on how to turn any lily flower arrangement into a showstopper.
    • The statue has become a showstopper for hordes of shoppers.
    • He easily holds his own with Kelly in their numbers together, and his ‘Make 'Em Laugh’ is a showstopper.
    • Over the years I had seen plants that were showstoppers; plants that made you examine them thoroughly; plants that made you find a book and read everything you could about them.
    • Aside from the searing guitar riffs and angry-youth lyrics, there was not a particularly special moment or showstopper, as it were.
    • But the showstopper is the aptly named globe of death, which sees men riding motorbikes inside a dome-like structure.
    • Kartano dresses old Finnish staple dishes in haute cuisine trimmings and their pan-fried fillet of reindeer is a showstopper.
    • You don't need to be an expert in the kitchen to make his recipes, but you *do * need to be willing to spend real time and effort on a dish - these are show-stoppers, not simple fare.
    • The redevelopment will comprise 32 apartments, ranging in price from £250,000 to the £1.25m showstopper.
    • I am resplendent in scarlet tonight, a showstopper.
    • One of Nissan's show stoppers this year is the Fusion, a prototype design of a future four-door saloon.
    • This final dress is a real show-stopper: a full-length black number with a huge train and a thick gold and red trim on the hem.
    • It's a classic showstopper: dramatic, lavishly orchestrated, and catastrophically over-the-top.
    • The stage is then invaded by more children and the resulting musical number is a showstopper.
    • In the main arena, bare-back riding daredevil Lorenzo, the Flying Frenchman, proved to be a showstopper as he performed equestrian stunts with his grey geldings.
    • There were a number of small bugs which weren't show stoppers but concerned us nonetheless.
    • ‘And The Hero Will Drown,’ ‘Burning Years’ and of course, ‘Anthem Of Our Dying Day’ are showstoppers.
    • Maybe thin, shaky male voices will come into style, but I was hoping more for a real show-stopper that never came.
    • That was a great, showstopper performance.
    • So when a country with no tradition of musicals found itself needing chorus lines and showstoppers, Lambe was one of a new breed of stage performers capable of answering its call.
    • Then there is the shy, self-effacing Chris, who electrifyingly takes over the stage, and, to my mind, sparks the whole proceedings with the showstopper, Old Fashioned Romance.
    • For sheer showstopper appeal, check out its exclusive hat collection by milliner to the stars Philip Treacy in the Autograph boutique, with prices from £125.
    • So Moulin Rouge's premise seems enticing at first, a musical that lives through popular rock songs, just as the musicals of their time were often written around show-stoppers already making the nightclub rounds.
    • In the winter though - when its structure and the almost knurled twisting of its branches are more evident - the bur oak is a showstopper.
    • The real showstopper is Nathan Lane's ‘There's No Business Like Show Business.’