Traducción de showy en Español:


llamativo, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈʃəʊi//ˈʃoʊi/

adjetivoshowiest, showier

  • 1

    (clothes) llamativo
    (behavior) extravagante
    (person) fanfarrón
    • H. sanguinea ‘Splish-Splash’ is one with showy foliage and bright, showy rose flowers.
    • The judges are looking for snaps and big cutbacks, all the showy point-scoring maneuvers of professional surfing today.
    • They irked her, distastefully bright and far too showy.
    • It's yellow-green really because the plants are flowering now, but they're not showy flowers.
    • The showy part of the flower is not the corolla but the modified calyx.
    • It seems an excessively showy, very nearly butler-ish display of reticence on everyone's part.
    • In my experience, treats from the sushi bar at Sakura tend to be nice, fresh, and reliable, if not particularly showy or ethereal.
    • Their weakness, if any, is that they fall easy prey to brand names and they would willingly go to any lengths just to be showy, extravagant and ostentatious.
    • There are countless examples of singer Eddie's bright, showy wit, and mini-tunes galore on an album which clocks in at a pleasing forty minutes or so.
    • The Spanish press comments that she rarely wears jewels, preferring showy costume earrings, necklaces and trinkets.
    • The males are bright and showy while the hens are conservatively dressed.
    • The design was simple and effective, neither being too flashy nor showy, proving the point that sometimes less is more.
    • Jimmy Carter was not a flashy or showy President, but history judges him as one of America's greatest.
    • I started using perennials and color bowls to add a vibrant rainbow of showy flowers.
    • Their showy flower clusters appear with the onset of warm weather and generally bloom all summer long.
    • Extravagantly showy and ostentatious work is pretentious when the merit it demands is unjustified.
    • A variety popular because of its distinctive salmon pink colour is Marcus Graham, which features large, showy double flowers.
    • Bloomington is one of the archetypal college towns in the United States, from the gorgeous campus to the showy liberal politics.
    • So it's usually a success if you can see that it's sort of not a showy restaurant, and you feel like someone wants to sit across the table and enjoy dinner with you.
    • Walking along a river's bend your eye is drawn to a rather large tree with showy white flowers.
  • 2

    (clothes/flowers/plumage) vistoso
    (flowers/clothes/plumage) llamativo