Traducción de shriek en Español:


grito, n.

Pronunciación /ʃriːk//ʃrik/


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    grito masculino
    chillido masculino
    to let out a shriek dar / pegar un grito / chillido
    • a shriek of pain un grito / alarido de dolor
    • a shriek of delight/terror un grito / chillido de placer/terror
    • the shriek of a train whistle el agudo pitido de un tren
    • with a shriek of tires con un chirrido de neumáticos
    • we could hear shrieks of laughter oíamos risotadas
    • Now maybe it'll go away - It let out a high-pitched shriek and Robyn screamed, now fully awake.
    • A prisoner at the Kholodnaya Gora prison had to stuff his ears with bread before sleeping on account of the shrieks of women being interrogated.
    • Alexis screamed in fear and panic, the piercing shriek echoing throughout the empty library.
    • He heard the shriek of the gale, the clanking of the flag against its mast, the jangling of the jailers chain and his heavy footfall.
    • The color draining from his cheeks, Shanza floundered for an answer but was interrupted when a shrill shriek cried out across the room.
    • Nightmares flowed like fever, syncopated by the twitch of a neon light outside and the rhythmic clatter of the air-con, punctuated by the shriek of car horns.
    • Alex lets out a small shriek, interrupting my thoughts.
    • I opened my mind with the intention of seeing my past, when an eagle's shriek close by interrupted my concentration.
    • This time Rebecca did scream, a high-pitched shriek that split the silence of the night, and she turned tail to flee.
    • He throws his hands to the air and thanks the Lord, in between shrieks of joy and backslapping from his friends.
    • There would be quiet talk, with occasional exclamations, yelps or shrieks from the children, but there was also a basic silence underlying all of it.
    • As more and more woke up, a rising chorus of shrieks for help shook hoarfrost from the vaulted stones, and eventually called help.
    • All the shrieks and screams inside sound like wind from the outside.
    • The horror stricken shrieks of the driver interrupted his thoughts.
    • The louder she gets the more banal her tales sound, and the more pointless her story, the more she hoots and shrieks -
    • With a shriek he doubled over, clutching at his calf, and rolled off his horse into the road.
    • That night, however, siren followed siren, loud and close, one winding down only to hear the rising shriek of another.
    • There was an immediate cacophony of hoots, bellows, screams, shrieks and roars.
    • Further pondering was interrupted by a shriek from the inside that let it be known the quarrel over trinkets was still happening.
    • The boy started to scream, not a yell of pain but a high-pitched shriek of panic that reminded me of a rabbit's death throes, which reminded me that I was hungry.

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    to shriek with pain gritar de dolor
    • to shriek with laughter reírse histéricamente
    • to shriek at sb gritarle / chillarle a algn
    • stop shrieking at me! ¡no me chilles!
    • We ascribe to the philosophy that if she's not shrieking in pain, she's fine.
    • She shrieked in pain when a nurse dabbed ointment on her skin.
    • I could hear, once more as I'd heard so long ago the people screaming, shrieking in pain and just as before it was the most painful thing I could possibly experience.
    • She shrieked in pain from her neck and rested her head down again.
    • She shrieked with pain, tears rolled down her beautiful, untouched face.
    • It was such an utter loneliness that shrieked almost as loud as the wind.
    • Chehl tried to get free, shrieking in pain and terror, but he couldn't break loose.
    • The girl shrieked with laughter, hitting the boy on the shoulder.
    • Some women staff were fleeing their rooms, shrieking with great excitement.
    • After a moment's hesitation, she nearly shrieked with excitement.
    • Sadie shrieked with laughter, and looked up to the sky.
    • He shrieks in terror at the sight of Gregor's new body and races away to inform the company of Gregor's new state.
    • She now realized that it was she who had shrieked in pain.
    • I stood there, shrieking with terror, unable to move.
    • Raven shrieked in pain and loosened her grip for a second.
    • Consider the most famous image to come out of the Vietnam War: a child doused in napalm, naked, arms upraised, shrieking with pain, running down the road toward us.
    • The otherwise cool Jane goes shrieking in terror.
    • Spectacular rock formations including the Dancing Bear and Druid's Writing Desk, will have your kids shrieking with delight and excitement.
    • It shrieked in pain, and flew off, the others following close behind.
    • I shrieked with laughter, which is what you do with Rosemary, for her own contagious laugh is as big as she is.

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