Traducción de shuffle en Español:


Pronunciación /ˈʃʌf(ə)l//ˈʃəfəl/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    to shuffle one's feet arrastrar los pies
    • I shuffled about a foot into the middle, hoping he'd lay off the fact I was freaking out.
    • The dive blokes shuffled their feet with embarrassment, trying to pretend that it wasn't happening, but unable to stop gawping.
    • When the whispering started, she began to shuffle her feet in embarrassment, her combat boots scarping harshly against the linoleum.
    • A pair of feet shuffled to the front, and the rest formed a line.
    • The old lady had got to her feet and after shuffling slowly forwards, was standing in awe next to the younger woman.
    • His hands moved quickly when he talked, and he shuffled from one foot to the other, as if dancing.
    • He rubbed the back of his neck and shuffled to his other foot.
    • Riley cleared his throat and shuffled uneasily on his feet.
    • He always kept it short and one of his feet shuffled around when he was nervous, as he did just then.
    • People would run from across the street to try and grab a dry space among the crowd, who were muttering to themselves and shuffling from foot to foot while they waited for the storm to abate.
    • The guests shuffled to their feet, still shocked over what had almost occurred.
    • ‘You might be waiting a while,’ she muttered miserably, shuffling to her feet.
    • His wild eyes were watching the boys and his feet shuffled uneasily.
    • I shuffled to my feet, gathered my binder, and slung my backpack over one shoulder lazily.
    • Unsure of how to respond, the audience shuffled to its feet.
    • I averted my gaze to the tarred road between us, beneath us, and restrained my feet from shuffling ashamedly.
    • Claire looked at her feet, shuffling uncomfortably in place.
    • An older lady hobbled into the crowd, her feet shuffling under her and her hand shaky on her cane.
    • I couldn't see from under my pillow, but I knew he was probably near the door shuffling from foot to foot in a nervous fashion.
    • Michael kept his eyes on his feet as he shuffled into my room.
  • 2

    • 2.1

      (cards) barajar
      (dominoes) remover
      (dominoes) revolver
      (dominoes) mezclar
      (papers) barajar
      (papers) revolver
      • For the first deal a randomly chosen player shuffles, that player's right-hand neighbour cuts.
      • When my turn came, he was shuffling papers around at his desk and greeted me with a flourish of his left arm.
      • She shuffled papers on her desk, and he went into his office, made a few phone calls, and waited for the confrontation.
      • During each deal, the dealer's partner shuffles the other pack and places it to the right.
      • The other night, three of us were sitting at the blackjack table watching the dealer shuffle.
      • She shuffled the papers, straightened them, and then filed them away somewhere.
      • This player is called ‘the dealer’, but does not deal - he just shuffles.
      • In lieu of using polls to determine a candidate's strength among the voters, prudent observers will watch how the campaign teams shuffle their money.
      • The dealer shuffles, and the player to dealer's right cuts.
      • Fifty or more counters sit at trestle tables shuffling the ballot papers into piles of 50.
      • He sat at his seat behind the desk shuffling his papers around angrily.
      • When the banner deal is done, the dealer takes all of the extra cards, puts them back in the deck, and shuffles 2-3 more times.
      • The dealer shuffles, the non-dealer cuts the cards [but see variations], and dealer deals 6 cards face down to each player one at a time.
      • A lot of what a manager does all day, clearly, is sit behind a desk shuffling paper.
      • You then take the other pack of cards and shuffle and cut again.
      • What if you shuffled a pack of cards thoroughly and turned over the top 10 cards and they were all red?
      • The dealer shuffles and deals each player 10 cards, one at a time. 3 cards are put face-down in the middle of the table to form the blind.
      • A second pack of cards is shuffled and the top card turned over to determine trumps.
      • The cards in the pot are shuffled together with the discarded cards and re-dealt to the players, so that each player has one card fewer than in the round before.
      • Played with a standard 52 card deck, shuffle and deal 4 cards face up into the center of the play area.
      • Now that everybody has their cards [each has 12 cards, 3 of each suit], each person then shuffles their own cards.
      • He looked down at the floor and began shuffling a paper clip that was lying on the floor around with his foot.
      • This would include bowling changes, field changes, shuffling the batting order, speeding up or slowing down the pace of the game, etc.
      • The dealer shuffles, and then deals the cards out clockwise one at a time: four cards face down to each player and four face up to the centre of the table.
      • It all seems very dull: shuffling bits of paper in endless files.
      • Nevada regulators have gone so far as to informally allow casino dealers to count cards and shuffle whenever the remainder of a shoe favors the players.
      • The rest of those cowardly rats just stared at the ceiling and shuffled their papers.
      • I could add new entries, shuffle the order of entries and delete entries from this list.
      • She shuffled a few papers before moving to stand in front of the rows of desks.
      • At the end of each hand, the played cards are gathered together and the whole pack is shuffled by the new dealer before the next deal.
      • The dealer shuffles and deals out the cards face down to the players one at a time, clockwise, until everyone has a hand of six cards.
      • He smiled and winked, then checked his watch and began shuffling papers around on his desk.
      • She reached into her pocket and pulled out a pack of cards, shuffling them hopefully.
      • The backs have overcome their attacking troubles, and shuffling players around in positions seems to have paid off.
      • How about applying the same tax rules and rates to companies and individuals so people don't spend half their time shuffling money around to minimise tax.
      • Cole came into his cubicle and shuffled some of the papers on top.
      • Votes will be recorded on a disc in each count centre and then brought to a central area, where they will be shuffled in order to guarantee voters' anonymity.
      • The dealer shuffles, and offers the cards to the player on his right to cut.
      • He was shuffling papers around in a large file but stopped when he saw me look up.
      • Dexter shuffled the papers in his lap, squinting through the reading glasses that he'd been promising to upgrade for three months.

    • 2.2(redeploy)

      (personnel) cambiar de puesto
      (personnel) mover
      (funds) mover

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    caminar arrastrando los pies
    andar arrastrando los pies
    she shuffled into/out of the room entró en/salió de la habitación arrastrando los pies
    • to shuffle in one's seat revolverse en el asiento
    • his shuffling gait su andar pesado
    • I walked slowly shuffling along the busy hallway reflecting how alone one could feel in such a crowded place.
    • Morgan shuffled along, as if a cripple, his feet dragging piteously on the floor.
    • This didn't seem to bother the young boy as he walked along, shuffled with the rest of the crowd milling about.
    • He then got to his feet and started shuffling along doing an impression of the way I walked.
    • Lazily drifting at a high altitude, you wait until the sap investing his paycheck in the drunk blonde shuffles off to the restroom.
    • The child stayed on the table, listening until the shuffles of worn out, oversized slippers.
    • Elderly couples shuffled along the cobblestones, tongues flapping slowly at their ice cream cones.
    • His feet were shuffling along with the rest of him, tapping out the beat on the cement floor.
    • The traffic came to a screeching halt and the faceless multitudes shuffling along the pavements actually paused to turn and look at the cause of it all.
    • Except that this time, the gentleman of the couple was walking with a frame and was shuffling along very slowly indeed.
    • She could hear her sister shuffling along the hard floor.
    • Elizabeth Mathobege shuffles into the LifeLine office in Alexandra, clutching a torn envelope in her wrinkled hands.
    • He looked about 35 and shuffled along slowly, looking down at his feet, oblivious to the noise, traffic and cars around him.
    • For a mid-week afternoon there are few people at the market, which is a relief as sometimes it's so crowded you must walk shoulder to shoulder and shuffle along with baby steps.
    • Meanwhile her male friend, shuffled along the platform after her, a small pile of coins in his hand.
    • He shuffled back along the ground away from her, scared and confused by what was happening.
    • And when we walked back down the corridor I noticed he was shuffling along, really like a defeated soldier on retreat.
    • Drew and Jordan tussled out the door and onto the side walk, as Gavin shuffles along behind them.
    • With Romero penning the script, the dead once again walked and shuffled along the landscape of Pittsburgh.
    • I shrugged and walked to the counter, feet shuffling along the Persian carpet.


  • 1

    • 1.1(gait)

      he walks with a shuffle camina / anda arrastrando los pies
      • Their common gait is a shuffle like walk, however, they are able to reach speeds of 15 miles per hour on the ground.
      • The ancient Royal Mile echoed to nothing but the soft-shoe shuffle of an American tourist.
      • He looks like a beggar, yet his eyes lack the proper cringe, his voice the proper whine, his walk the proper shuffle.
      • Their sleep was eased by the sound of water and the steady shuffle of hooves, the night closed in around them, drawing the light from the fire until it was glowing embers.
      • I heard a thud as he must of fallen from his bed, then the lazy shuffle as he proceeded to walk to the door.
      • He was shabbily dressed and walked with something of a shuffle.
      • You too will have to be walked out in a shuffle, the doormen now more like sanitarium orderlies than bouncers.
      • There was the sound of a shuffle, like a body rising to its feet.
      • I was doing the usual shuffle up the crowded stairs, walking on the extreme left.
      • The soft shuffle of footsteps in the silent hall alerted Cassari to the fact that some of the students were moving.
      • There was a shuffle from inside the room and the sound of a bolt sliding back on the inside before the door opened.
      • His walk was reduced to a shuffle and his speech became muffled.
      • George heard the soft shuffle of footsteps approaching from the hall.
      • There sounded a slight shuffle before the blonde-haired beauty appeared, dress now slightly wrinkled though just as pretty.
      • He walked with a hesitating shuffle, unsure how to distribute his weight.
      • Plush but tidy brown hush puppies softened the girl's tread, and she walked with a slight shuffle, back hunched a bit, as if she were trying to hide from the world.
      • The hobble became a rapid shuffle and then a quite respectable stroll, and the discomfort faded away.
      • There is an occasional cough, the shuffle of a footstep, the jingle of some coins, and the rattle of newspapers.
      • Amy moved in something between a death-row shuffle and a proud march as Hart sidled close to her, ears leveled with uncertainty.
      • A few minutes before Mr Johns knocked Miss Richardson had heard a bang and a shuffle coming from upstairs, which later she assumed had been the noise of the fight taking place.

    • 1.2(dance)

      baile parecido al claqué
      • The couple still enjoy a soft shoe shuffle during a tea dance at the Trafford Centre and Edna said her life with Jim had been wonderful.
      • It is not known when the shuffle was first performed on turf, rather than in a lounge room, but it is definitely known that opposition clubs hated it.
      • The shuffle, however, is like it was designed especially for me.
      • Along with the other ‘schoolgirls’ in the ladies' chorus, they have been practising the art of the Japanese shuffle.

  • 2

    • 2.1(of cards)

      to give the cards a shuffle barajar las cartas

    • 2.2(of personnel)

      reestructuración femenino
      reorganización femenino
      • But he made no mention of a cabinet shuffle, despite the fact that rumours are swirling around Nassau about such a move.
      • It never fails to amaze me that junior high school pecking-order shuffles and re-shuffles are often the best way to read the policy tea leaves in the capital city of the world's most powerful nation.
      • There was one last shuffle of positions as they prepared for another legendary story.
      • This summer also brought two important cabinet shuffles.
      • After a cabinet shuffle last year, he was made minister of community government and transportation, as well as culture, language, elders and youth.
      • He also ruled out an immediate cabinet shuffle, but noted ministers could be replaced if courts find them guilty of crimes.
      • The Presidential Office denied that a Cabinet shuffle was being considered.
      • Whittred, previously the minister of state for Intermediate, Long-term and Home Care, was the other North Shore loser in the cabinet shuffle.
      • Last Sunday, he fired long-time Finance Minster Paul Martin, in the second emergency cabinet shuffle in a week.
      • As well as re-orging every quarter the corporate wizards also like us to have a desk shuffle on a regular basis, making you feel much like a character at the mad hatters tea party.
      • The fact two cabinet ministers did not seek re-election might, however, force a cabinet shuffle, Lemieux suggested.
      • Namibians were thrown a curved ball this week when the President abruptly announced a minor cabinet shuffle, which included the sacking of a minister and his deputy.
      • McManus also raised eyebrows with a number of administrative shuffles that promoted some cops and transferred others who had been high up in his predecessor's administration.

    • 2.3(of music on an mp3, etc)

      aleatorio masculino
      I had the music on shuffle tenía la música en aleatorio