Traducción de shun en Español:


rechazar, v.

Pronunciación /ʃən//ʃʌn/

verbo transitivoshunning, shunned

  • 1

    (society/person) rechazar
    (society/person) rehuir
    (limelight/publicity) evitar
    (publicity/limelight) rehuir
    she felt shunned by her colleagues se sentía rechazada por sus colegas
    • To eat alone by choice, shunning friends at mealtimes, would be another loss.
    • So by claiming to shun public attention he evades confrontations and intensifies public curiosity.
    • The country people were shunning the fruit because flies, which settled on dead rabbits with myxomatosis, also alighted on brambles.
    • There is a small section of society that shuns the capitalistic ways of their fellow man.
    • People don't know what to do with their pain and so they shun them and they are then left alone in their pain.
    • Throughout the film, we see how society shuns them as unclean and useless.
    • Krusty shuns his old routines in favor of edgier material - and suddenly becomes the hottest comic in show business.
    • Tubin shuns big gestures in favour of reasoned argument, and the result is faceless music in which the craftsmanship is admirable but the final effect unmemorable.
    • Also a divorced woman was shunned by society and treated as an outcast.
    • It's a case of the more you attempt to avoid a public or shun publicity, the more it makes you enigmatic.
    • The further that respectable society shuns the children, the more they follow the only route open to them and fulfil all negative expectations.
    • Walker, 72, is a volatile, elusive individual who shuns the press, but he consented to a brief interview about Sharpton.
    • He now lives a quiet, reclusive life in rural Cheshire, with wife Christine, shunning the media spotlight.
    • Written, directed and co-starring Jon Favreau, this film tells the story of a boxer who shuns the mob to pursue his boxing dreams.
    • Because if society shuns them and refuses to hire them, then what are they left with besides more crime?
    • At the same time, India shuns international scrutiny and thereby denies international humanitarian access to internally displaced.
    • They have decisive, take-charge personalities in a society that shuns wishy-washiness.
    • Unlike some serious walkers, she said she shuns isotonic sports drinks and energy bars to refuel her body during walks, preferring instead to drink water and munch nuts.
    • She shuns her friends' rules and game-playing ideas from the start.
    • An actor, musician and songwriter of considerable talent, he shuns the celebrity lifestyle to relax with his family in suburban Dublin.