Traducción de shut-eye en Español:


Pronunciación /ˈʃəd ˌaɪ///



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    to get a bit of shut-eye echarse un sueñito América Latina coloquial
    • I need a couple of hours' shut-eye necesito dormir un par de horas
    • When we used to go Vegas, he would gamble for two days without sleeping then he'd catch some shut-eye for a few hours then go back to the casino.
    • Experts agree that young teens need at least eight-and-a-half hours of shut-eye each night.
    • For the pain of failing to catch some shut-eye at night is known only to those unlucky ones who experience sleep disorders.
    • You need close to eight hours of shut-eye each night, along with periodization training, in which you incorporate a couple of days or weeks doing light or no exercise, to get stronger.
    • Most of us, he claims, do it surreptitiously at our desks, although some retire to their cars or, if they're really desperate for a bit of shut-eye, the toilet cubicle.
    • But chronic snoring can be a real detriment to getting a good night's shut-eye.
    • Almost a third of children under age 4 wake up in the middle of the night and, consequently, don't get enough shut-eye, according to a National Sleep Foundation survey.
    • It's time we open our eyes to the benefits of getting enough shut-eye.
    • Instead of worrying about how you get shut-eye, try to get more of it.
    • I didn't stay very long, as I was dead on my feet following the early start, and I was badly in need of a couple of hours shut-eye before the company Christmas party that night.
    • Daily physical fitness is just as crucial to good health as getting three square meals and eight hours of shut-eye.
    • A new survey reports that Asians get the least sleep, with those in Japan getting the least amount of shut-eye in the world.
    • Winning races, or even just getting extra hours in a day, is not a bad trade-off for a little less shut-eye, so Dr. Sleep has an interesting bargain for a tired world.
    • I have now reached the point where I am so tired that I'm beyond the point of just getting a few hours shut-eye to recover.
    • Hain's officials insisted he heard everything but didn't actually deny that he was catching some quick shut-eye.
    • All this thinking had once again cost me a good night's sleep, only getting maybe 4hrs of shut-eye before my alarm roused me and the reality of another day at the coalface was a head of me set in.
    • Unfortunately, it's been more of the latter lately, so watch out for the signs that you need more shut-eye.
    • Whitney was picked up by police at a bank in Largo, Florida, where he'd hunkered down to catch a bit of shut-eye.
    • In another study, kids 6 to 13 didn't do nearly as well on simple tests when they were shut-eye deprived.
    • So I'm down one hour's worth of shut-eye and I'm mighty cranky.