Traducción de sick pay en Español:

sick pay


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    salario que se percibe mientras se está con permiso por enfermedad
    • Employers like freelancers as they avoid the extra expense of pension contributions, sick pay and national insurance.
    • He forced through pensions, sick pay and national assistance for the destitute against the strongly armed self-interests of the rich.
    • The workers voted by 89 percent to accept the offer which is for £4.75 an hour, along with a limited bonus and sick pay scheme.
    • The company plans to introduce a ‘second generation’ workforce, along with changes to the staff's sick pay and bonus schemes.
    • The report states that sick pay compensates for the same loss as damages for loss of earnings, so it should be taken into account in assessing damages.
    • Public sector workers are more likely to get benefits like extra sick pay, an occupational pension, the chance of a career break and help with child care.
    • Hence, where an employee receives sick pay after an accident has rendered her unfit for work, this is deducted from the amount of damages received.
    • This was originally intended as a tax that would provide sick pay, unemployment benefit and pensions.
    • Their original claim was for 3 percent and a catch-up rise for low paid assembly line workers, with a shift allowance, sick pay and a pension scheme.
    • It is understood the High Court action relates to his sick pay and pension entitlements.
    • These provisions leave some without sick pay, others without pensions, and all on wages that just hover above the minimum wage.
    • Incapacity benefit is paid once statutory sick pay from an employer comes to an end or is not available.
    • You are not an employee of the company and not entitled to any fringe benefits such as sick pay, holiday or pension rights.
    • Garlands pays the minimum wage, gives no shift bonuses or sick pay, offers no pension provisions and does not allow trade union representation.
    • These benefits include pension contributions, study leave, sick pay and pay rises.
    • One million fixed-term employees were given rights to equal treatment on pay, pensions, holidays, sick pay and training from last October.
    • The big worry is that, by attacking pensions and sick pay, the government is preparing the civil service for privatisation.
    • Check eligibility for statutory sick pay, disability living allowance and incapacity benefit
    • The cleaners, members of the union, are campaigning for a living wage as well as sick pay, holidays and a pension.
    • Prostitutes also have the right to unemployment benefits, sick pay and a pension, according to the law.