Traducción de sickening en Español:


Pronunciación /ˈsɪk(ə)nɪŋ//ˈsɪkənɪŋ/


  • 1

    (disgusting, discouraging)
    it's sickening, isn't it? da mucha rabia ¿no?
    • her toadying to the bosses was absolutely sickening daba asco / era asqueante cómo adulaba a los jefes
  • 2

    (nauseating, shocking)
    (smell/sight) nauseabundo
    (crash/thud/crunch) escalofriante
    (crunch/crash/thud) horrible
    • Smashing their way in, officers were met with a sickening stench and dead bluebottles covering the stairs.
    • But it keeps coming away in his hands and he has a sickening feeling of horror that he may be causing grave and unthinkable damage, so he just guiltily muddles it up into a ball.
    • I bit back the urge to scream, as the wind whistled past my face and I braced myself for a sickening thud and terrible landing.
    • I winced each time it came down with a sickening thud into the gory mass.
    • The scream was followed by the sickening sensation of falling and she desperately braced herself.
    • At least a dozen times over the past two years I've heard the sickening thud and tortured tire screech that signals a fresh wreck at the intersection.
    • The width of the pavement plus about six inches, as Matt and the cart hit the fence about halfway up with a sickening, bone-crunching thud.
    • Where in the chart was the horrendous road accident, the sickening collision of metal and concrete?
    • Fear washed over her again, with a sickening nausea too.
    • A bereaved couple have been left devastated after their stillborn baby's grave was destroyed in a sickening arson attack.
    • These buildings had produced the most sickening and horrific ashes and smoke in existence, and now they were where the thief was hiding.
    • The sickening stench of blood hit him like a tidal wave.
    • A sickening thud came from the direction of the tower.
    • With the club poised to go out of business on January 18 unless a new owner can be found, the sickening injury left Brass fearful he may have played his last game for the club.
    • Coun Irwin said he was ‘horrified’ when he discovered the sickening material on the parish council's site.
    • Suddenly, there's a bright yellow flash, a sickening thud as the shock waves explode and shards of glass scream past your face.
    • He grinned at this, though my heart gave a sickening little fearful lurch.
    • His was gaping desperately, taking in huge lungfuls of air, a sickening wheezing sound coming out through his mouth.
    • The limp body fell to the ground with a sickening thud, splattering blood all over the road.
    • When a family loses someone close, all they have is the grave, it's their only comfort and it's a sickening thought that people out there are ruining graves.