Traducción de sicko en Español:


enfermo mental, n.

Pronunciación /ˈsɪkoʊ//ˈsɪkəʊ/

nombrePlural sickos

coloquial, despectivo

  • 1

    enfermo mental masculino
    enferma mental femenino
    psicópata femenino
    • It matters not that the average rape victim is either a child, a defenseless old lady or some victim unfortunate enough to have crossed paths with a sicko on a dark road.
    • If a sicko runs around with a machete, I believe the sicko will always be a sicko.
    • Everyone should don their sicko fantasy gear and prance around like morons while the watchers in the hunting blinds area snap pictures and take pot shots with explosive ammunition.
    • Not to mention all those times I was running away, a skinny little boy loose on the streets - I was fair game for all sorts of sickos.
    • I pity the mentality of the sickos who tried, in futility, to piggyback on the admiration that the Red Fort evokes.
    • It could be a lesson to us all that the more exposure you get the more sickos find out about you.
    • A new year, a new bunch of sickos are looking for love in the local paper.
    • We could just as easily call this bunch of sickos any number of disempowering labels.
    • You'd also have to be some sort of perverted sicko to look at this weirdo's old profile.
    • But I think that this is what keeps some people from going totally blotto, becoming real sickos.
    • I heard one radio commentator saying that to actually enjoy the movie you'd have to be ‘a sicko or a religious nut’!
    • This is discovered when Donnie burns down his house and the fire department finds a secret room filled with the sicko porno tapes.
    • I nodded, agreeing wholeheartedly - what kinds of sickos were they, thinking they had the right to check her out like that?
    • I bet you get some real watersports sickos getting into that line of work.
    • You never know what kinds of sickos there are in the world.
    • Among the sickos currently in custody are police officers, athletic coaches, and sundry military, medical and clerical workers.
    • Good on them for nailing a cluster of abusive sickos.
    • Tired of the sickos in my borough, this is an account of what I do to escape them at the weekend.
    • Despite a simple plot, this bittersweet movie will make you giggle - watch out for the sicko Santa - and offers the requisite moral message for this time of year.
    • ‘We've received a lot of messages from people who seem to think we're sickos,’ said Smith, who maintained he had no intention of offending anybody when he created the calendar.