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Pronunciación /ˈsɪk ˌaʊt/



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    forma de protesta laboral en la que los trabajadores dan parte de enfermedad en forma colectiva
    • While I sympathise with the Union's complaints and aims, mass sick-outs are the wrong way to achieve them.
    • The pilots, who began their sick-out action on Sunday, were demanding that management sign an agreement for a 13-month pay period for each year and letters of permanent employment.
    • Travelers faced delays and luggage that wasn't so much lost as it just plain didn't go anywhere because of a large-scale sick-out by luggage handlers.
    • In October two-thirds of the customer service department staged a sick-out to protest low wages.
    • These workers had their computers confiscated and searched for evidence related to the alleged sick-out.
    • When pilots rebelled with a sick-out the courts stepped in with the mammoth fine.
    • Over the New Year's holiday the airline was forced to cancel 30 percent of its flights and charged the union with conspiring to call an illegal sick-out.
    • Deputies in the Los Angeles Sheriff's Office are staging a sick-out over health benefits in their contract talks.
    • As for the reported indications that teachers would have been engaged in a sick-out on Thursday, Dolor clarified.
    • If action is taken, it will take the form of CHAOS (Create Havoc Around Our System), in which attendants snarl airline schedules and operations with intermittent sick-outs and other measures.
    • Two days before Global Medical Response assumes responsibility for the Emergency Medical Services, technicians yesterday staged a sick-out to protest the move.
    • US Airways blamed a record number of employee sick-outs for the problem.
    • A federal judge issued a temporary restraining order January 5 to the union representing the airline flight attendants to suppress a sick-out by its members to protest failed contract talks in early December.
    • Dissatisfaction among flight attendants, already aggravated by more than three years of fruitless talks, boiled over again and allegedly contributed to a sick-out over the year-end holidays.
    • Computer glitches, bad weather, a number of airline workers sick-outs all contributed to leaving thousands of flights unflown and piles of baggage unhandled.
    • The airline last week began court-authorized searches of the home computers of flight attendants whom the airline suspects organized a sick-out over the New Year's holiday.
    • The airline announced March 8 that they have fired 12 flight attendants for allegedly organizing a sick-out over New Year's to protest failed contract negotiations.
    • The struggle climaxed with a partial retreat by the company in the wake of company firings for a sick-out and government raids against two rank-and-file attendants who operated opposition web sites.
    • The order forbade them from ‘approving of’ or ‘permitting’ a sick-out, queerly assuming that they might have the power to prevent one.
    • In 1999 pilots launched a sick-out when the company refused to increase wages for pilots at regional carrier Reno Air, which American acquired.