Traducción de side shoot en Español:

side shoot

brote lateral, n.


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    brote lateral masculino
    • The largest side shoots can be 18 inches long, and the thinnest about six inches long.
    • Cucumbers grow vertically as a single stem until they reach the support cable, then the top is cut off and two side shoots are allowed to grow over the cable and hang down.
    • After they have produced fruit, cut them back to the second side shoot near the overhead support, and these will start growing again.
    • The shoots are then harvested as they become ready - nipping off the shoots encourages the plant to form more side shoots.
    • The sweet peas were pinched out last week so they will soon be sending out side shoots and tendrils that will need a support to cling on to.
    • If the shrub is still too tall, cut back the stems to just above a strong side shoot.
    • After blooms fade in spring, shorten main canes and side shoots.
    • Remove shoots that grow from the roots or the vine, but not side shoots that arise from your selected strong shoot.
    • If the plant has not been pruned for a couple of years and still looks too big after this, the flowering stems can be trimmed back to just above a side shoot.
    • Using a sharp, clean knife or clippers, cut the tip of a side shoot that has at least three leaf joints.
    • Pinch side shoots of flowering stems to get the biggest flowers.
    • The opposite corner is marked by a bright spray of canary yellow broccoli flowers, from a few side shoots we left in place when we harvested the crop.
    • Prune indoor and outdoor grapevines, cutting back each side shoot to within one or two buds of the main stem.
    • Prune the flowering side shoots to two to three buds above the structural canes during the dormant season.
    • Plants in open pots were grown from rooted side shoots.
    • The plant responds with side shoots, giving you more blooms.
    • The main stalk and side shoots are ready for harvest once the flower buds start to form.
    • Feed tomatoes regularly, pinching out any side shoots that form and tying the main stems to canes for support.
    • As the vines grow, they're tied to the poles, and side shoots are pinched off to preserve a single main stem.
    • Unlike the brassicas, which can only be grown from seed, Chinese spinach can be propagated from cuttings of side shoots which have not yet flowered.