Traducción de side table en Español:

side table

mesa auxiliar, n.


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    mesa auxiliar femenino
    • The room was dark and comfortably furnished; an aromatic candle burned on a side table.
    • A few inches away from the side table where the telephone was, was a computer.
    • I threw my purse and my car keys on the side table and walked into the kitchen.
    • Then he shook his head as he went to a side table and pulled out the drawer.
    • If paper must be stored temporarily, put it on a side table or book shelf but keep it off your desk.
    • By tucking in an antique wicker writing desk as a side table, we increased function and character in the room.
    • Closing the door, Clark Durand locks it and throws his keys into the little bowl on the side table.
    • She set a small golden bud vase with burgundy flowers on the side table.
    • It was extravagantly decorated and a side table was filled with small treats and dainties.
    • He let them eat in the kitchen while he sat in the living room looking at a picture of his family and sighed, then sat it down on the side table.
    • Erin was poring over a huge book that had been open under the side table under a dim red desk lamp.
    • She turned around and walked over to the side table at the opposite end of the room.
    • Her father shook his head, and Tash went in to the living room, picking up the receiver lying on a side table.
    • Nodding, he led them to a side table near a window, where they usually sat.
    • As I made my way down, I spotted the incense burning on a side table near Donovan.
    • On the small side table was a plate of fruit and buttered toast, still warm.
    • Thomas got up quietly and took the liquor and short glass from the small side table to put them in the kitchen.
    • Before our meeting, he prepared his favorite collection on a side table in the corner of the living room.
    • Kissing the envelope gently, he opened the drawer of a side table and placed it inside.
    • He poured himself a cup of the hot coffee from a pot that stood on the side table near the door.